Macbook Water Damaged, Steps to Take for Fixing the Problem

When you face an issue with your MacBook which the water has damaged, you can fix it again by replacing or affecting parts at components. If you find the Macbook water-damaged, you can remove or fix its affected part and solve it. To get specific details for troubleshooting your Macbook, go through the queries below.

What should you do if water spills on your Macbook?

When you face trouble with your Macbook water damage, its internal components typically begin corroding immediately after the spill. Sometimes, your Mac can function normally for days or weeks without showing any obvious sign of a problem. But you need to check the issue and repair it soon. If your Macbook is not working fine after spilling water, you must follow the steps to fix this issue.

  • First, turn off your Macbook device and try to dry its entire external and internal components immediately.
  • You need to remove all plugged-in devices, try to dry them initially, and let a pro clean and check your MacBook.
  • You must ensure you have removed the water from the Laptop, and don’t try to connect your MacBook until you dry it thoroughly.
  • You must consult the technical representative, who will provide specific details to fix the issue quickly.

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook with water damage?

If you want to fix a MacBook with water damage and any logic board or other critical components are required to fix, you have to pay a cost range of around $280 to a Whopping $1,475. If your Macbook device is under warranty, you don’t need to pay any cost and immediately replace your Laptop with different costs.    

How long must I wait to turn on my Macbook if water spills?

When you find your Laptop is damaged with the water and want to fix it, you need to wait at least  24 hours to fully dry. You must wait for the correct time to repair it; otherwise, it can be damaged completely. You need to remove all the components to dry them completely.

How can I remove my Macbook battery?

If you wish to remove your Macbook battery, you need to go through the instructions provided below.

  • First, power down your Macbook device and hold the back cover using any screwdriver.
  • You can easily unplug the battery from the motherboard and remove the screws which you hold down the battery.
  • Now lift the battery out of the Macbook and check it, and again, you can fit it or a new battery to your Macbook conveniently.

How do I Approach Apple Customer Service to resolve the problem?

You can approach customer service to resolve the problem by calling 1-800-275-2273 and sharing your technical concern about Macbook water damage to get the answer soon. You can use this phone number and change your language by going through the IVR instructions and connecting with a technical executive to resolve the issue instantly.

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