Asus Laptop Keyboard not Working, Solutions and Error Cause

Why is my Asus Laptop Keyboard not Working?

This problem can arise due to a missing or outdated driver if your Asus laptop Keyboard not working even after uninstalling the keyboard driver. You should update the keyboard driver; it can be done manually or automatically. To learn more details, check the below information.

Manually Update the Driver: To update the keyboard driver manually, you must go to the Asus portal and search for the latest driver for the keyboard. Make sure that the driver supports your Windows and your laptop model. The process will take some time and require some technical skills.

Automatically Update the Driver: If you cannot update it manually, you can do it automatically with a few simple steps. You need to download the Driver Easy and install it.

  • To run the driver, click the Scan Button Now to scan the system and detect the error.
  • Now, the user taps on the update icon.
  • Tap on Update All to automatically download and install the required version.
  • Reinstall the keyboard driver.

How do I fix the Error of the Asus Laptop Keyboard not working?

There are several ways to resolve the error of the Asus Laptop Keyboard not working. Follow the given details.

  • Firstly, update and confirm the latest BIOS/ Windows and driver versions.
  • Now, reinstall the driver in the system.
  • Kindly use the keyboard as the troubleshooter.
  • Users should restore the system from the restored print.
  • If all of these do not work, then reset the Laptop.

How can I reinstall my Asus laptop keyboard driver?

You must know the specific steps required to reinstall the driver on the Asus Laptop, which are explained in the given data.

  • It would help if you went to the Search bar and type Device Manager, then click on the open icon.
  • Kindly uninstall the driver by clicking the arrow next to the driver, then right-click and select Uninstall.
  • Remove all devices in the keyboard category, then restart the system.
  • The keyboard driver will automatically install after the system restarts, and you can test whether the keyboard is working correctly.

What is the process of updating the keyboard driver?

The user must follow the simple process to update the keyboard driver. First, you should go to the Windows search bar, type device manager, and select it from the list on the screen. The user must find the device you want to update from the available hardware categories and double-click on the selected name. Now, you must click on the driver tab, select the update icon, and follow further instructions to complete the process.

How do I Turn off the filter key of my laptop keyboard?

If you want to turn off the filter key of the Laptop keyboard, follow the details.

  • You must enter the control panel in the search box and open it.
  • Select Ease of Access.
  • Tap on change how the keyboard works.
  • You need to click on turn on the filter key to deselect it and select OK to confirm the turn-off essential functions.

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