Samsung Printer Paper Jam - How to Resolve this Issues

Reasons for my Samsung printer paper jam?

There can be instances when there is a Samsung printer paper jam when the user tries to use the printer. The primary reasons why this issue arises can be many, the particulars of which are given here as follows:

Inappropriate paper size and configuration:

If the printer is fed with paper having a different configuration from the setting that has been saved with the system, the printing command would not be taken, and the paper would get jammed. The user would need to ensure to keep paper size settings accordingly.

Bad quality distorted paper:

The usage of printers frequently ensures its good working condition. If the printer has not been in use for a longer time, the quality of the paper would not be good. Keeping the paper in the printer for long without use tends to make it lose its quality due to the weather conditions. This can lead to paper jams.

Crude printer rollers:

Dirt and other particle accumulation on the printer rollers over time can lead to the paper getting stuck on the rollers unevenly, causing paper jams. The users must keep regular checks on the printer rollers and clean them.

How can I Fix the Error of Samsung printer paper jam?

The user can follow the following steps if they want to fix the paper jam issues with Samsung printers:

  • First, open the printer's top cover after switching off the printer.
  • Once this is done, find the toner cartridge cover and open it.
  • Detach the cartridge from the tray to slowly remove the paper from the printer by dragging it towards the front side.
  • Now check for any additional bits of paper, if any.
  • Fix the cartridge roll in its place and then close it firmly and close the printer flap cover to start operating the printer.

How do I forcefully restart my Samsung Printer?

The user can forcefully restart their printer through the simple methodology given here as follows:

  • The user needs to find the power icon of the printer and long press on it until the power light turns off.
  • Now, find the main cable of the printer and unplug it from the back. Allow the printer to be in a rest state for about 11 minutes.
  • Once this is done, the user can attach the cable to the printer and connect it to the main socket.
  • Press the stop button for three to four seconds, after which the printing usually starts.

How can I troubleshoot to resolve the Samsung printer Paper jam Error?

The best method to troubleshoot and solve the issue of paper jams with the printer is first to check the paper settings needed. If correct, the user can switch off the printer and check for paper stuck in the primer by opening the entire system. This will ensure that the issue of printer error is fixed.

How do I Approach Samsung Printer Customer Service?

A call is the best way to connect with the Samsung customer service team. The user can dial to connect (1800 407 267 864) to the expert from the team, who would then provide the necessary support.

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