What is Mac Kernel Panic Error, Cause and How to Resolve

What is the Mac Kernel Panic error?

While using a Mac, if your device restarts unexpectedly, it is due to faulty software, which causes a Mac Kernel Panic error. This is an error in your device that forces the device to reboot or restart, but if the system does not resolve the issue, your device continues to restart.

What Cause for Mac Kernel Panic Error?

There are several causes for which the user can get the Mac Kernel Panic Error issues, and if you do not have details about that, then you can go through below.

Outdated software: If any update is available, but you are using the older version or not switching to the updated software, then you can get a Kernel Panic Error.

Incompatible device: The Kernel Panic Error also arises if you use an incompatible device as you update the software, but your operating system does not have that much efficiency to work with that software.

External devices: Several external devices can cause Kernel Panic Errors, such as mice, keyboards, etc. Immediately remove those devices to make your Mac work normally.

Virus in the device: Sometimes, due to regular internet suffering or using different external devices such as pen drives, CDs, etc., the system will intake virus. You must find those corrupt files and remove them from the device.

How can I fix the Mac Kernel Panic issues?

If you are looking at how you can fix the Max Kernel Panic issues, then you can go through the points below.

Use Safe mode: Most of the time, Mac Panic issues arise due to outdated software, so Apple recommends running your system safely. Only some essential software will run in safe mode; if your device runs smoothly in safe mode, you have to remove nonessential software.
Run Apple Diagnostics: If you cannot locate the form where the kernel Panic issue arises, then you have to run Apple Diagnostics. You must disconnect all peripherals and turn on your device; after opening the startup screen, press command +D.

How do I check the Mac Crash Report?

Having the information about Crash Report on Mac is essential as it will help you to know about the applications or processes that crash. If you want to check the Mac Crash report, you can go through the points below.

  • Go to the applications section on your Mac
  • Now open the Utilities option and then tap on the console
  • Last, choose the Crash reports list and tap

How can I run My Mac in Safe mode?

Using the safe mode is the best option to run a Mac without any Kernel Panic Issues, and if you want to do that but are unaware of the process, you can go through the points below.

  • Shutdown your device for a couple of minutes and restart it again
  • Tap on the startup option and choose the startup disk option
  • Press and hold Shift and then select Continue to Safe mode

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