What is the Reason for My Mac Sound Not Working & How to Fix?

Why does my Mac suddenly have no sound?

Suppose you have bought a new Mac recently and are facing an issue related to the speakers that could be Mac sound not working, Sound not clear, Low sound, etc., then there may be numerous reasons for this. To figure out the problem, you have to find the issue first. Some of the common issues faced by the users are given below.

  • The volume controls in your Mac may have been turned down.
  • You may have used the built-in Speakers and external speakers or headphones connected to your Mac.
  • If you are using an external speaker, then there is a possibility that it is not switched on.
  • If you are using an external speaker connected through USB, then it may be listed outside the Speaker setting of your Mac.
  • If you are using a digital receiver, then there is a possibility that it is not connected to the Mac through an optical digital cable.   

How can I Fix Macbook Sound issues?

If you are facing the problem of no sound on your Mac, you can conveniently fix it by reading the points below.

  • Ensure you are not using any external speakers or headphones while using the built-in speakers on your Mac.
  • Check the volume controls on your Mac that are not turned down. You can slide it right to check in the Speaker settings.
  • If you use an External speaker, ensure it is switched on and properly connected to your Mac through cable or Bluetooth.
  • If you are using an External cable connected to your Mac through the USB cable, it must be listed in the list of Speakers on your Mac. If it isn’t listed, then you must install the driver.
  • Using a digital receiver, you must connect the optical digital cable to your Mac.

How do I restart my Mac forcefully?

Generally, you can restart your Mac by clicking the Restart option in the Apple Menu of your Mac. But, if you want to Restart it forcefully, hit the power button until your Mac shuts off, and after a few moments, press the Power button again to start your Mac, and you are done.

How to restart the sound controller on Mac?

You can restart the sound controller on your Mac by replicating the steps described below.

  • Open the Settings on your Mac and choose the Apple Menu.
  • Reach the Applications, then click the Utility option.
  • Double-click the Activity monitor to open it.
  • In the search box, type Coreaudiod to search for the Core Audio Controller.
  • Click on Coreaudiod, then click the X in the toolbar to quit it.
  • The Coreaudiod will restart, and your Sound controller will be reset successfully.  

How can I update my Macbook Sound card driver?

Drivers are an essential part of your Mac to receive commands. The drivers must be updated regularly; you can Update the Sound Card driver as stated below.

  • Open the settings on your Mac.
  • Go to the Sounds option in the Applications.
  • Select the Internal speakers and check for the updates.
  • Click the Update option, and the process will start.
  • Your Mac will restart once the process is completed.

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