Apple Watch Not Charging, Why and How Can I Resolve it

Why is my Apple watch not charging?

Check if the back of your Apple watch is clean or not and if the charger of the Apple watch is also magnetic, so ensure that it is clean. There could be other reasons why the watch is not charging; look at the below reason and try them out.

Check the connection - check if the cord is plugged in the right way to both sides, as any loose side can break the charging connection as the cord between the power and the changing disk is entirely and securely seated in the port on each end.

Keep a check on cords - check if your charging block or cable or if the disk of charging is damaged in any way; if they are, then you will not be able to charge your Apple watch, so you can proceed and replace the damaged product with the new Apple equipment, and then try to change the watch.

Reset the charger again - you could not have set the charger with the watch correctly, so check that the charge is rightly attached to the Apple Watch by twisting it a little and securely it nicely, then check if it starts charging again.

Clean the charger and the watch - the magnetic charger can catch dirt, which can prevent your watch from charging, so clean the back side of the watch and the charger again with the soft cloth and try to charge it again.

How can I fix my Apple Watch that is not charging?

To fix your Apple Watch, you can check all the reasons why your Apple Watch Not Charging, and if you still do not get any results in the return, you can head with the below-noted procedure.

  • Check all the ports and connections.
  • Force restart the Apple watch.
  • Remove the plastic, if any, on the charger or watch.
  • Check the alignment should be proper.
  • The back of the watch and the charger should be cleaned properly.
  • Ensure the cable should not be broken; inspect all the parts.
  • Get your watch repaired from the Apple store.

How can I Force restart my Apple watch?

The steps you can follow up with when your Apple watch is not responding to charging is force restart because sometimes the problem relies on the software to head with the process; follow up with the below points, which leads you to the method.

  • Turn off the Apple watch by pressing the sideways button for ten seconds.
  • You will locate the power button icon, tap on it, and move it to the right-hand side to turn it off.
  • Then, Apple's logo will appear, indicating the force restart process is completed.

How do I Check my Apple Watch charging disk?

Check if the body of the disk is damaged from any place; it should be in good shape, and ensure that it should be changing your Apple Watch. Also, make sure the cable isn’t frayed.

What cost must I pay to resolve the Apple Watch not charging issue?

If your Apple Watch is not responding to charging, you can get it replaced, and the replacement cost for all the models and the series of Apple watches is almost done within the estimated amount of $76.

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