Reason and How to Resolve the Error of Macbook Stuck on Apple logo

Why is my Macbook stuck on the startup screen with Apple Logo?

Macbook stuck on the startup screen with Apple, and the general problem is third party accessories can cause the Macbook to stop in between your boot-up process. Unplug all third-party accessories like mice, monitors, USB flash drivers, and other connective devices. After unplugging, you can start your Max to see whether the problem is occurring.

What to do when a Macbook is stuck on the Apple logo?

Macbook provides a superfast operating system and top-notch display, making your task easier and quicker. But sometimes your Macbook is stuck between the startup screen and the Apple logo or progress bar. Press and hold the power button on the Mac for up to 10 seconds until your system turns off. All Mac has a power button on laptops with touch ID and presses then holds touch ID.  

You can also install or update macOS software. After that, the system will work more quickly than the usual time. Sometimes it may delay loading the bar completely. Then in that scenario, you can install OS when you are not using your machine so that you do not have to wait for the software to install at the time of your important work, and in the meantime, you can arrange your other things related to the MAC.

How do I force my Mac to unfreeze?

  • You can force your MAC to unfreeze by force restarting your MAC, or you can boot in safe mode.
  • You can turn off all third-party accessories.
  • Try to reset the PRAM/NVRAM and SMC.
  • You can disc Utility to Repair the startup Disc.
  • You can recover the system by APFS snapshots.
  • You can boot in single-user mode.
  • Reselect the startup disc and reinstall macOS.
  • You can also clean up your Start Disc and RAM.

How do I force an unresponsive Mac to restart?

You can force restart your unresponsive Mac to restart by pressing the power button until it ultimately gets off. You can hold down the power button and look for the machine running as usual.

How can I reboot my Mac in safe mode?

You can reboot the Mac in safe mode as safe mode, and when your Mac is in this setting, it permits you to be in a space without any interference from startup problems or hardware malfunctions. Being in this zone can remove some temporary failures. You can follow the below-discussed MAC reboot process in safe mode.

You can hold down the power button till your Mac gets switched off.
After that, wait ten seconds following, press the power button, and hold down the shift.
When you look at the login screen, release the shift key.

At last, after following the above-written steps, you can look for the red safe mode. You have to give your password and then install/update macOS. You can also do that in safe mode without interference.

If you still find that Macbook stuck on Apple logo, you can connect with the Apple customer service executive, who will provide you with technical assistance as soon as possible.

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