How to fix Skype screen sharing not working?

A complete guide on Skype Screen Sharing not working

There are various reasons why your Skype screen sharing not working. All you have to do is fix it all and find your way to improve your Skype screen fixation. The possible reason for your Skype screen not working are listed below: 

  1. The device must not be compatible with your Skype, and the processor of Skype might need a more stable and consistent device.
  2. Your connection with Wifi or your internet might be weak, as Skype works on the internet, and if that’s not working correctly. It becomes hard for you to share your Skype screen sharing. 
  3. You should maybe update your version, as when the version is outdated, it starts glitching and will cause problems for you. 

How to Fix Skype Screen Sharing Not Working Issue?

You will be able to solve the Skype screen sharing not working problem in various ways. You will use the ways written below to assist you.

Check the internet connectivity - You should check and recheck your internet connectivity. Try shutting off your internet service provider, restarting it, and letting your device reconnect with your device. As Skype needs the internet to run properly, you will require robust internet connectivity. 

Check your device’s compatibility - You should check whether your device can handle Skype. You should also check for any latest updates your device requires and update your device otherwise. Then your Skype might start working. 

Use the Skype-compatible browser - You should use a Skype-supported browser. Try updating your browser so that it can support Skype and the screen can be shared. 

Update your Skype - Maybe your version of Skype is ancient; you should try updating that only. Now, for various devices, there are different ways to update Skype. So, you should update it and see it act smoothly. 

How to share my screen on Skype for Mac?

The steps to share your screen on Skype for Mac are listed below. Follow them and then share your screen with other attendees in the meeting. 

  • You have to initiate a meeting on Skype. At the bottom, you will see the option of a box overlapping another box. Click on the option, and your screen will be displayed for everyone in the meeting. 
  • You must select only a window to share your application window instead of the entire screen. For that, you should click on the option Switch screen or Windows. 
  • To stop sharing, click on the same option and stop sharing your screen. 

What bandwidth is required for screen sharing on Skype?

You at least require 128 kbps minimum for screen sharing and video calling, but the recommended kbps is 300 kbps. These are the bandwidths you require. 

Bottom line

So, now your problem of Skype screen sharing not working is solved. You have even more information after going through the above article. However, if you still stand midway and have any questions in your mind regarding Skype, then you can connect directly with Skype customer support. You have their support for like 24 hours and throughout the day. So you can get their help whenever you require it. 

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