Reasons And Solutions of Why Your Skype Not Connecting Calls?

What is the reason for Skype not connecting calls?

Skype offers the technology of an audio/video call, text services, etc., so you can connect with anyone worldwide. However, an issue of Skype not connecting calls occurs, due to which users experience trouble while connecting with their loved ones. So, read out the reasons for the same:

Old version: If you have not installed the Skype Application, you may experience the same trouble or cannot connect on calls.

Blocked access: Sometimes, users unknowingly put the application of Skype in the blocked access section, which may also be one of the reasons for being unable to connect calls on Skype.

Poor Internet connectivity: The same issue can occur if you have unstable Internet connectivity.

VPN Connection: If your product is connected to VPN, you may also experience trouble in these cases.

How do I Fix the issue of Skype not connecting calls?

If you wish to fix being unable to connect over a call on Skype, there are specific ways you can adopt to do so; please have a look;

Check the firewall settings:  The primary step you can adopt is to verify the settings where you have to unblock the blocked access. Then you will be able to fix the issue while connecting on calls.

Update to the latest version: The simple method to fix the issue is to update the Skype application to the latest version.

Ensure your Internet connectivity: If you are not connected to the Internet appropriately, you will come across the same issue. So, you are suggested to be there where Internet connectivity is fine.

How can I resolve the error on an Android phone?

An error also occurred for using Skype services on Android phones. If you are experiencing any technical issues, you are requested to adopt the measures that are elaborated below;

Restarting the device: Sometimes, merely restarting the device can help you rectify the issue, and you can access Skype.

Force Stop: If you force stop the application on your Android phone, you will be able to fix the error and can continue with the services of Skype.

Clear Cache: You can clear the Cache stored in your browser, which can also help you to rectify it.

Enable App permission: You can give access to Skype Permission to utilize its services effortlessly.

How do I restart Skype on an Android phone?

There are specific steps you have to follow to restart Skype on your Android phone, so give a careful look:

  • First, you have to go to the Settings of Android Phone.
  • Tap on the Application Manager.
  • There you have to “Force Strop” to continue.
  • Ensure you clear all the Cache and data.
  • Then you have to Uninstall the application to give it a fresh start.
  • Reinstall the Skype application.

How can I update my Skype driver?

If any issue occurs while using Skype’s services, you must find ways to update your Skype driver to eliminate the problem. Please consider the methods given below;

Upgrade the application: To update the driver, you can put your application on update through your App Store, or it will be available on the application itself.

Microsoft: You can also make your Skype Driver update through Microsoft.

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