How Can I Change Proton Mail Password?

Why is my proton mail password not working?

Did you create a proton email for your work but unfortunately forgot your email login details and facing problems in completing your login process, like your password has been shown incorrectly or your password is not working? Then you can take a few steps to sort that issue. Follow the given proton mail password reset steps to complete the process.

  • Visit the official website of Protonmail by clicking on this link
  • Scroll through the end of the page and click on ‘help and support.’
  • Navigate to the next page, and you will find an option of ‘submit a bug report here’ under the ‘password managers’ heading. Click on it.
  • You will be presented with a form that you will have to fill out to solve your query regarding the password.
  • Enter the topic, email address, username, message (tell about your query in the given box with a minimum limit of 100 words), operating system, OS, Browser version, and browser.
  • Click on ‘send a message,’ and the technical team will get back to you with a solution.

This way, your concern will reach the customer support team of Protonmail, and you will be able to change your password.

How do I get my protonmail password changed?

You can reset your password through these steps:

  • Go to settings and click on ‘account and password.’
  • Click on ‘change the password.’
  • Enter your password in the old password box.
  • Please enter and confirm the new password by typing it again in the confirmation box.

How can I reset my protonmail password without a recovery email?

Protonmail does not keep a record of the password or does not have access to any account’s password. Hence it cannot reset your password if you have forgotten or lost it. That is why you must set a way to recover your account. If you have not set to recover your Proton Account, you will lose access to your account and password.

How do I reset my protonmail password without a registered phone number?

Several ways are available if you need to change your proton mail account password. You can do it by your registered mobile number, as they will send a link to the same mobile number; you can click on it and change your password. If you want to reset your password without the registered phone number, you can do it by email recovery. By following these steps, You can do this:

  • Go to the sign-in at on your mobile or computer and click the ‘forgot password’ link.
  • Enter your proton email address in the box and click ‘next.’
  • Reach the next page and select the ‘email’ option.
  • Enter the code in the box sent to your recovery email address and click on the ‘reset password’ option.
  • Please continue to the next page, enter the new password, and confirm it by typing again. Press the ‘confirm’ button.

How to reset proton mail password on iPhone/Ipad

You can change your proton mail password on your iPhone/iPad by visiting the link Visit the link and click on the ‘get help’ option below the login button.

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