How do I Cancel my Outlook Email Subscription?

How to check my Outlook email subscriptions?

If you want to check the email subscription of your Outlook, then adhere to these steps:

  • Open Outlook on your device,
  • Log in with your Microsoft account and password if not already,
  • Click the menu button on the appeared page,
  • Select the “Services and Subscription” option,
  • The email subscriptions list will appear on your screen,
  • You can select a particular email subscription to view the details.

How do I stop outlook email subscriptions?

If you wish to stop the outlook email subscriptions, you need to unsubscribe from the emails. Below are the required steps for unsubscribing the emails on Outlook:

  • Go to your inbox and sign up with your account,
  • Open the tools bar,
  • Select the Settings option,
  • Then on the bottom, press “View all Outlook Settings,”
  • You will find the Mail option,
  • Under which choose the Subscription option,
  • Now you will get the list of Outlook email subscriptions,
  • Unsubscribe the one you want.

How do I stop Outlook from charging my credit card?

If you want to stop Outlook from charging your credit card, you are required to remove the card from the Microsoft billing portal with these steps:

  • Go to your Microsoft Account,
  • Sign in on the page,
  • Navigate the Billing option on the menu,
  • Then select “Payment Options,”
  • Select your credit card on the page,
  • Then select the remove option,
  • You will receive a verification code,
  • Put the code in the provided column,
  • Then your credit card is removed from the billing option.

How do I manage Outlook email subscriptions?

You can manage your Outlook email subscriptions from the settings option on the inbox. Go to the “View all subscriptions settings” page on the website and then choose mail, then subscriptions. You will get all the email subscriptions listed there. Review the subscriptions and unsubscribe if you want.

How to contact outlook customer support for cancel a subscription

If you want to contact a live person from outlook customer support regarding canceling your subscription, below you will find the ways of contacting Microsoft Outlook regarding the subscription cancellation:

Phone Call

You can call customer service to connect with a person at Outlook customer support and ask to cancel subscriptions. The given steps will help you to reach the live person:

  • Dial the contact number of customer support: (800) 865-9408,
  • Listen to the commands you get after dialing the number,
  • Choose the appropriate key on your dial pad for connecting with an Outlook executive,
  • Then your call will get on hold for a few minutes,
  • After that, a person will assist you,
  • Ask for the cancellation of the subscription to your Outlook account,
  • Give the details for which the executive asks,
  • Then your subscription is canceled.

Live Chat

You can also obtain assistance from an executive related to your Outlook canceled subscription on the live chat. Follow the steps and request the subscription cancellation:

  • Go to the Microsoft Outlook website,
  • Sign in with your account,
  • Then head to the Support page of the website,
  • There, navigate the live chat option for contact,
  • Select the Cancel Subscription topic on the chat window,
  • You will receive some prompts from the executive,
  • Follow the prompts and share the required details,
  • Then the Outlook subscription is canceled.

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