How to Create an Outlook Email Account?

How do I create an Outlook email account?

If any user wishes to create an Outlook account,  is confused about the process, and is searching “How do I create an Outlook email account?” Then he must follow the online instructions provided below to begin the process:

  • Visit the official Microsoft website.
  • Now you must scroll to the extreme bottom of the webpage and select the option of “account.”
  • Now you will see a tab stating, “create an account for free” select the option.
  • To create your account, you must select a unique username.
  • Now you must select Outlook as your domain from the dropdown menu list.
  • To make it secure, you must set a password consisting of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, different numbers, and special symbols.
  • Now you must check or uncheck the promotional email button.
  • To create an account, fill in all the user information and tap the next button.
  • Enter details regarding your region and birth and press the confirmation button after selecting the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.

Are Outlook email accounts free?

Yes, Outlook emails and accounts are free for users. If you wish to use some services like Office-365 or any other restricted service of Microsoft,  you need to pay additional charges for the usage. Also, if the storage of your account exceeds the free-limitation, you can purchase more storage by making a payment.

Can I have 2 Outlook email addresses?

Yes, you can have two outlook email addresses. You must register accounts with different credentials.

What is the difference between Outlook and Gmail accounts?

Though there are considerable differences between Gmail and Outlook but some of the most notable differences are mentioned below:

  • Drafts are saved automatically in Gmail, while email needs to be saved in Outlook by pressing the button.
  • Gmail uploads attachments to Google Drive, while Outlook saves them to your computer.
  • Emails can be formatted in the message window in Outlook, while special formatting can be done via Google docs for Gmail.

Is it better to use Gmail or Outlook?

Outlook and Gmail both have a large number of users. If you wish to create a new email account and are searching which among the both is a better option, you must know that both alternatives have merits and demerits. Consider the following points to make your decision:

  • Based on the interface: Gmail interface is simple and much more user-friendly than Outlook, so if you are not technology friendly and wish to use the simple interface, then you must use Gmail services.
  • Based on features: Outlook is much more feature-rich as compared to Gmail. It automatically manages your new emails and deletes them. It also has archived and customized email template facilities.

Are Hotmail and Outlook the same thing?

No, Hotmail and Outlook are two different email services by Microsoft. Though nowadays, most Hotmail service users have already migrated to Outlook, so if you try to access Hotmail, you will be directly taken to the Outlook page. Since both the domains are different, users can not use them interchangeably, but a Hotmail id and password can be used to login into an Outlook account.

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