How can I Communicate with Linksys Customer Support?

How do I contact Linksys customer support?

Linksys is a networking hardware company based in the United States. Contact customer service if you buy a product or want to purchase it and need guidance. Now the question arises: How do I contact Linksys customer support? You can buzz a call to the customer support team. You need to follow the calling procedure to get a live expert over the call.  

The process to call Linksys customer service:

  • Dial the phone number: (800) 546 5797,
  • Choose a language on the call,
  • Listen carefully to the IVR instructions:
  • Press 1 to purchase a Linksys product,
  • Press 2 for product support,
  • Press 3 for general inquiries,
  • Press # to connect with an expert,
  • After that, you have to wait for some time till an expert joins the call,
  • You can receive support from the expert on call.

As a consequence of the above process, you can talk with a person from the customer support team on the call. Sometimes, the calling can take a long time to connect you with a person. In that situation, you may connect with an expert on the live chat. If you wonder about getting support online, you will find it below.

The process to connect on Live Chat with Linksys customer service:

  • Head to the site Linksys on your browser,
  • Click the Support option on the site,
  • On the appeared page, click on the “Start Live Chat” tab,
  • Put your details in the given columns of the chat box,
  • Set your preferred language as well to communicate with an expert,
  • Put the product name and subject of your query onto the column,
  • Then press the “Start Chatting” button,
  • A Linksys expert will join the chat within a moment,
  • Now you can chat with the expert, share text and receive support.

How can I contact Linksys technical support team?

The person who requires technical support and is wondering how to contact the concerned person can contact a person at the technical support team using the phone number (800) 326-7114 and receive the support you need.

What is the working timing of Linksys customer support?

The working time of Linksys customer service is 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. The team works all week throughout the day to support the customers and provides guidance.

How can I contact Linksys via email?

You can drop your queries at their official email address Send the queries or the help you want to ask for assistance from the support team. An expert will follow up on your queries and send you the information as soon as possible. Generally, the experts take 48 hours to respond to the customer’s email.

What is the mailing address of Linksys?

If you want to mail to Linksys and looking for their mailing address, you can send your letter to the below address to contact their officials:

Linksys, 121 Theory Drive Irvine, CA 92617.

Can I contact Linksys via social media?

A person wondering about getting assistance on the social media platform Linksys can easily connect to their social media account. Queries can be asked from the experts of the customer support team, or you can also acquire the information you need on socials.


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