How can I Solve the Issue of Linksys Wifi not Working?

Why did my Linksys wifi router stop working?

Linksys wifi routers provide the best internet services, ensuring they have a service and an undisturbed network. However, if, at times, the Linksys router stops working, then there can be many reasons behind it. One of the most common reasons behind it is when your password gets changed or your router firmware needs to be upgraded. Sometimes, the wifi doesn't work because there is no network connection with the router or your computer firewall is blocked, so you cannot get the connection.  

How do I reset my Linksys wifi?

If the Linksys wifi not working, then the users will be left with only one option, which is to reset their wifi, for which they need to find the reset button by using a pen or a paper clip, and then they need to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

Tips to reset your wifi

  • If you have a Linksys router model like Wireless-B and Wireless-G, they need to press the reset button for 30 seconds to restart their routers.
  • The users are advised to observe the power light router while they press the reset button.

How to Factory Reset a Linksys Router?

The steps that are required to be followed for a factory reset are given here for you.

  • You have to use the computer connected to your router to get on to the browser and type "" in the address bar, after which they need to press 'Enter' to proceed further and check if their IP address has changed.
  • After being prompted, they need to enter the credentials of their router's administrator to log in to their account. The default password is always admin and not the username (in case your wifi password is changed).
  • Click on the administration tab when your router's web-based setup page appears.
  • The final step is to click on the factory default to restore all the settings.

How do I set up a Linksys router after reset?

The users do not have to launch the website again like the first time to set up their wifi. They just have to follow simple steps. All they have to do is use a paper clip to reboot their wifi for 15 seconds. After this theory, wifi will disconnect to reconnect with the power adapter. Once the reboot process is finished, you can use the default username and password to connect the wifi to your device.

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