Why My Xerox Printer Showing Paper Jam and How I Fix it?

What are the reasons for the xerox printer paper jam?

Xerox printer is known for providing the best printer in the world. But sometimes they stop working for many reasons, like the printer showing offline, ink cartridge, and paper jam. If your xerox printer paper jam, the reason can be unsupported paper or media. You can check the paper settings in the tray or the print driver.

  • You can also check that the paper is properly loaded in alignment with the given direction of the tray.
  • The reason can be the humidity and paper condition or storage as well as the use of new reams of paper.

How can I fix the issue of paper jams?

You can fix the paper jams issue with the help of the tips below. Tips will save your day as well as your money. The tips can be applied without the help of any expert guidance.

  • You can turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable.
  • After that, try to remove the jammed paper from the tray.
  • Now You can replace the parts and close the doors.
  • At last, reconnect the power cord and other cables from the printer to PowerPoint.
  • Finally, turn on the printer.

How do I reset my xerox printer?

If your printer shows some error, then instead of hacking, you can follow the instructions mentioned below, which will help you reset your printer and make it work again.

Go to the printer control panel and log in through the administrator account.
After that, you need to press the home button long.
You can tap on the touch device and click on the resets button.
Now you can select “reset to factory defaults” at the confirmation message and choose reset.
Finally, you have successfully reset your Xerox printer.

How can I contact the xerox printer technical support team?

You can contact the Xerox printer technical support team via toll-free number 1800456015 (freephone), and if you wish to call through landline, then dial 0316917495. The number is available 24 hours and seven days a to help you in every situation. Once you get connected to the technical support team, provide your product details on the basis that the assistant will deliver the best possible solution so that you can complete the task without any issues.

  • You can move to the official site of Xerox.
  • Then take your pointer to the contact us tab.
  • After that, click on the toll-free number and dial it.

After following the IVR instruction, the dialed number will connect you with the customer service executive.

  • Press 1 for language
  • Press 2 for technical support and driver
  • Press 3 to check your order details
  • Press 4 to talk with the customer service executive
  • Press # to cut the call

How do I reset my Xerox printer?

  • You need to open your computer and move to a suitable web browser.
  • Then take your pointer to the address field and, write the IP address of your xerox device in the field, click on enter.
  • After that, tap the status button and click on the available option.
  • You can restore the original network default setting by clicking on network factory default.
  • At last, click on ok.

So the solution to the Xerox printer paper jam has been discussed above in the form of procedures and methods; follow this article for further clarification.

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