Facebook Account Recovery: Quick ways to Reset FB Account

Quick Ways to Reset or Recover Facebook Account

If your Facebook has been hacked or you are facing difficulty login into your existing account, then you can follow some of the Facebook account recovery tips mentioned below:

  1. Users can visit the "find my account" page on their previously used device. Enter your name, email, or registered number to search your account. To reset your account, you need to reset your password by following the on-screen procedure.
  2. You can also recover your account via a friend's account by visiting their profile & clicking on "find support or report profile'' followed by clicking next. Finally, hit the option of "recover this account" & follow mentioned steps.

How can I recover my FB account and password without my phone number and email?

Steps to recover your FB account without email

  • Visit the login page and press "forgot password."
  • You must enter your username and request a reset code on the registered number. Once you receive a text message, enter it in the space and tap continue.
  • Now, you need to insert your new password to reset your old password.

Steps to recover your FB account without phone number

  • Click on the menu after visiting Facebook and select the option of "settings and privacy."
  • Tap on "security and login" under the settings section.
  • Click on "change password."
  • Now, you must enter your old password by typing a new one.
  • Finally, end the process by hitting "save changes."

How to get back into Facebook account if I'm being asked to confirm my identity?

  • To get back to your Facebook account after you are asked to confirm your identity, you need to try some of the below-mentioned steps:
  • Sometimes your request gets rejected due to a mismatch of name, so users must update their Facebook profile name or even update "other names" that might include their birth name, former name, married name, or maiden name.
  • Users must submit another photo if their request was rejected due to any issue with your problem. You can even submit an appeal if you are sure there is nothing wrong with your submitted photo.

How can I recover my Facebook account without two-factor authentication?

  • If you are unable to recover your Facebook account even after two-factor authentication, then you can try some of the below-mentioned tips:
  • Sometimes, it takes a long time to receive a text message on the phone, so users must wait for a while after requesting and rechecking their mobiles after some time.
  • Users must always check their notifications by logging in from a different browser or device; sometimes, that might help them log into their existing account.
  • If you have already stored or saved any recovery codes on your device, you can use them to login into your account.
  • After you have logged in
  • Once you successfully log in, you must add a different mobile number, different authentication application, and different security key to your account.
  • Also, visit your account's security and login settings section and turn off two-factor authentication.

Why can't I reset my Facebook password?

Some of the most common reasons why you can't reset your Facebook password are mentioned below:

  • The main reason Facebook password reset fails is inaccessible email addresses and phone numbers. Many users cannot access their registered number or email and face issues while resetting passwords.
  • Sometimes, after requesting a reset password, link users complain about not receiving the message even after waiting for a long. In such cases, users are advised to wait for a while to refresh their mailbox and check again. Still, if they don't find the message, they must check the spam and junk folders of email accounts linked with Facebook.
  • Sometimes, users receive messages like "invalid code" or "invalid link" and cannot reset their Facebook password.

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