Reasons for Why Safari not Responding on Mac, How to Fix

Why is my Safari not responding on Mac?

If the Safari web browser is not responding on your Mac, there can be multiple reasons like a weak internet connection, outdated version, settings issue, or many other things. When Safari not working on Mac, you can use a few options to troubleshoot the issue, and Safari will respond again correctly on your Mac.

List of things to do when Safari doesn't respond on Mac:

  • Ensure the internet connection
  • Refresh the page
  • Update the software and then restart
  • Reset the settings on Safari
  • Force Quit setup
  • Check the VPN

How do I reset Safari on my Mac?

Resetting the Safari browser can help solve the issue, and Safari will respond again on Mac. To reset Safari on Mac, there are some things you need to consider that are listed below:

  • First, you have to clear the cache and history of the Safari web browser.
  • Next, uninstall the Safari extensions on Mac.
  • Turn off all the Safari plug-ins.
  • Remove the plug-ins from the library folder of your Mac,

How can I force quit the Safari browser on Mac?

If the Safari web browser is frozen on your Mac, you can force quit the application. The steps are mentioned here to force quit the Safari browser on Mac:

  • Open your Mac and click the Apple icon on the screen,
  • Find the "Force Quit Finder" option in the menu,
  • Then you have to select the "Safari" application in the appeared list,
  • Tap on the "Force Quit" button showing on the screen,
  • Permit to force quit,
  • And in seconds, the Safari browser will force quit on your Mac.

How do I clear my Safari browser cache on Mac?

There are a few methods to clear the cache of the Safari browser on Mac that are mentioned below:

Method 1

  • on your Mac, go to the Safari browser,
  • Tab the Menu option on the browser,
  • Then choose the Preference option,
  • Next, you have to open the Privacy tab,
  • Click the "Manage Website" button to access the history of visited websites,
  • On the bottom of the list, hit the "Remove All" button,
  • And the data will be cleared within a few seconds.

Method 2

  • Open the Safari browser on your Mac,
  • You have to select the "Preference" option from the menu,
  • Then go to the Advanced tab,
  • You have to check all the given options in the tab,
  • Then tap the "Empty Cache" button,
  • And your Safari browser cache will be cleared.

How do I update my Safari browser's latest version on Mac?

If there is the latest version of Safari browser is available that you have not updated yet on your Mac browser and looking for a way to do the same, then adhere to the below update steps:

  • First, you have to head to the Apple menu on your Mac,
  • Then look for the "System Preference" option in the menu,
  • Click on the "Software Update" option further,
  • Now all the available updates will appear on the screen,
  • Choose the Safari browser update available on the list,
  • Tap on the "Update" button,
  • The update for the latest version of Safari browser will start on your Mac,
  • After completing the update, restart your Mac.

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