How to setup or Install Norton Antivirus?

How do I set up my Norton AntiVirus?

Norton Antivirus is one of the top-rated antiviruses as it has provided the best services to its users and has the “auto renewal” subscription feature not to bother its users. Now, as a user, you don’t also have to do much in taking advantage of their services. 

So, check out how to set up Norton for all devices. You should refer to this page to the end, set up your antivirus, and protect your devices. 

Download and install Norton on your Mac devices

  • Visit and sign in to your Norton account with your email and Password. 
  • Then, on the My Norton portal, click on the Download option. Next, you will have the Get Started page; choose the Agree and Download option. 
  • Now, you can click on install Norton product version 8. x or later; you need to have Mac OS X 10.10.x or later. And then, your download for Mac will be done. 

Method to download and install Norton on your Windows devices 

  • Go to the official website of Norton, which is, and then sign in to your Norton email address and Password to access your Norton account. 

  • Then, on your Norton portal page, you must click the option “Download.” Next, you will have the Get started page open, and you have to click on “Agree and Download.” 

  • When installing Windows 11 or Windows 10 in S mode, you have to click on the “Get it from Microsoft” option. And then, follow the instructions to install from the Microsoft store. 

  • Once your download is completed, you must run the installer from your browser and press the Ctrl + J key. This will open the download window in your browser and then double-click on the downloaded file. 

  • This is the end; however, in the User Account window, you must click on “Continue” to install your Norton antivirus. 

Note: If you are downloading the antivirus in Japan, China, and Korea if you do not have your Norton product registered to your account. You have to check the purchase confirmation email, and the email will have the product key and the link to download your Norton product. You have to click on the link, follow the onscreen instructions, and create an account for installing Norton. 

Method to install Norton security on your iPhone/iPad  

  •  Download Norton on your android device through the App store.
  • And if you are on the iPad, click on install on iPad, and follow the onscreen instructions.  
  • Then, click on the options in chronological order: Get, Install, Done. 
  • Once the download is finished, you must tap on the Open option and launch the Norton 360 app on your iPhone or iPad. 
  • You should read and accept the License and Services Agreement and acknowledge the Global Privacy Statement. And then proceed and click on “Continue.”
  • Then, add your email account and Password and sign in to your Norton Account. 

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Method to Download Norton Security on your Android device

  • You are to first download and install the Norton 360 app from the Google play store. 
  • When you open a Norton application in your play store, you must read and accept the License and Services agreement and then the Global Privacy statement. And carry forward the process. 
  • Now you are to sign in to your Norton account through your email address and Password. 
  • Then, you are to subscribe to your Norton 360 app on your android device. And your Norton 360 app installation is complete, then. 

Note: Now, if you face any problem installing Norton 360 application on your android device. Then, make sure that you are installing it in the latest version of the Google Play store and that your device has its system updates in the latest version.

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