What is Mac Address for HP Printer & How can I Find Out

What is the MAC address on an HP Printer?

The MAC address for a printer is mentioned in a unique way that is assembled under a digital phone number assigned to a network, that is, the interface card (NIC), commonly known as the Ethernet card. The MAC address is specially established by the manufacturer only. The MAC address consists of 12 12-digit encrypted numbers, and you can recognize the MAC address efficiently. If you seek more references, the best you can do is contact the HP customer support agent for help.

How do I find the MAC address for my HP printer?

There is one of the best ways available to quickly find the MAC address for an HP printer because once you select the following passage, you will be able to get the complete information for your HP printer address promptly.

  • First of all, you need to open your device command prompt
  • Now, within the space, type "arp-a" and then tap over the enter button
  • Next, you get a new page wherein you seek the complete address information
  • Here, you see the MAC address/ IP address
  • Note the address format, which will be available on this page under "00-1d-7e-e8-d7-27".
  • Or, you can search the MAC address for the HP printer on your device, and you will get assisted accordingly without any obstacle.

How can I find out my HP printer Mac address without the manual?

If you need to learn about the MAC address, search on to your HP printer without the manual procedure, and you must read the following passage as from here, you will be able to conclude complete knowledge.

  • First, you should open the device command-line window with the network-attached device.
  • Herein, mention the code “arp-a” without the quotation marks and select the search button.
  • Next, you will be able to seek the IP address for the printers immediately onscreen and quickly get access to the code.

How can I Search my HP Printer MAC Address through the Control Panel?

To search for the HP printer MAC address with the help of using a control panel, you shall read the following section, and you will be able to then smoothly and conveniently as you can get assistance.

  • Open the control panel of your computer.
  • Then, select the wireless button from the page and tap the information button simultaneously.
  • Next, onscreen, you can access the network configuration page and a wireless network report with complete details.
  • Now, on the same page, you seek a MAC address 12 digit code, and you moreover have access to specific other necessary points quite conveniently.

Is the IP address and MAC address the same?

No, the IP and MAC addresses are not the same, as they have a significant difference. Now, to know the difference between an IP address and a MAC address, you must read the following section, and you will be able to recognize it quite conveniently.

IP address signifies identification with a network connection consisting of the device connecting the network.
Further, the MAC address ensures the computer's device's location and other necessary information.

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