Reason of your iPhone Screen Goes Black and How to Fix it?

Why my iPhone screen goes black?

Usually, for Apple users, iPhone black screen issues arise due to which they become unable to utilize the work hassle-free, and in between some work, they experience the same issue. Please have a look, This will make your confusion clear, and you will understand several reasons:

Damaged battery: The primary reason the screen turned out to be black is a dead battery. You must visit the service center to get your battery issue rectified.
Screen Issue: Sometimes, users experience the same issue due to screen issues. So, you are recommended to verify whether the problem is on screen.
Charging spot: You may experience the same issue if your spot malfunctions.

How do I fix my iPhone black screen issue?

Users who experience black screen trouble always look forward to knowing how to fix their phones so they can use them hassle-free and do the work they want. If you want to know the easy it is to fix the malfunctioning, you must go through the points mentioned below that will guide you in all the possible ways; please look;

Try to restart: If your iPhone goes out the screen, you must try to restart your iPhone. And for that, you must hold the volume and power buttons, and it will restart.
Plug-in charger: To rectify the issue, sometimes it is required to plug in with your charger. This may also repair the matter, and you can use it properly without any hassle.
Restore the iPhone: To eliminate this issue, you must try to restore the iPhone. This will help you remove any malware, spyware, or other associated case from your device. You can do it by attaching your device to any computer or laptop, and then you will find various steps there.
Visit the service center: If you are still unable to rectify the issue, you must visit your nearby service center, where executives will guide you in the correct way to fix the same.
Remove unused applications: If you have stored those new or your memory is complete, you must free up the storage. This can also cause the screen to go black or blank.
Make updates: If the software in your device is not updated, you must do that. Sometimes, this causes the issue of making your device turn blank.
Reboot: If you restore the settings by rebooting your device, you may also overcome this issue and be able to use it efficiently.

How can I force restart my iPhone?

If you want to avoid the trouble not to occur again, the best way is to restart your device forcefully. And to do that, for your assistance, below are the steps you have to follow; please look;

  • First, unlock your iPhone device.
  • Then you must hold two buttons, “The Volume and the power buttons,” until the screen turns black.
  • Then your device will automatically be turned on.
  • This process will take around 3-5 minutes, so give it a moment, and the problem will be fixed.

How do I Use iTunes To Restore my iPhone?

If you want to use iTunes to restore your device, you are suggested to look at the steps written below;

  • Connect your device with your device. (Computer or Laptop)
  • Then connect it to iTunes.
  • Make your device (iPhone) restart forcefully, and you will land in Recovery Mode.
  • You will find the option to Restore the iPhone; click, and you will be done.

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