How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error?

Why does my HP printer keep saying paper jam? 

A printer is an electronic device that can be used to make copies of or scan documents and do this work if you have chosen the printer of HP. But after using it, if you are receiving the hp printer paper jam error, then worry not about that because here you can have the cause of this occurrence with the resolutions. 

5 ways to fix hp printer paper jam error

While getting it, you can know the error that is commonly caused and the solution you can take further. So the ways are as follows:-

Assure carriage is moving freely 

  • The carriage where the paper is stored might be causing this issue. And to be sure about this, you can follow up with the steps that are stated beneath:-
  • First, remove the power cord and separate the cartridges' ink.
  • And then, mode the carriage on the right slowly and take out all paper but not the drawers.
  • After that, remove the assess door of the printer.
  • You can see the roller there and then rotate it three times.
  • Then you get back to the rear assess door in this place and the cartridges in its palace.
  • Afterward, plug in and switch on the power.

Clean input tries from paper jammed

  • When you are given the command to print and at that time, if your printer is saying paper jam, then you can use the steps illustrated beneath and clean that.
  • Separate all the unused paper from the tray and tap on the resume button.
  • And then you can check the number of paper stuck in the printer.
  • If there is more than one piece of paper, then hold the paper from the middle and pull it out smoothly.
  • Further, putting the things back ensures no paper is left, and click the start button.

Lift the front cover 

When you have used the above two methods but still get the hp printer paper jam error, you can try to use this mode and sort your issue out. And the guide for this is as follows:-

  • First, remove the lid of the front cover. 
  • And then, check for the paper, and if there is any paper, then out it out gently.
  • After that, put the back lid in its place and click on the result icon.

Check its working condition
When you get through the method that is stated above, then for assurance, you can check its condition by making a test run. And conducting that, get on with the steps that are described at the bottom:-

  • Fill the paper into the paper tray. 
  • After that, click and hold the resume bottom until the paper starts paper common out from the printer.

Customer service 

When you have run a test on your printer after applying these solutions, but still your paper is getting stuck in the printer, then you can approach the customer service team of HP and get that fixed with the professionals. 

Hence, you can have the hp printer paper jam solution by reading here. So choose the option that you can get the appropriate solution and get hold of customer service if it doesn't work.

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