Reason for my Epson Printer Paper Jam and How Can I Solve It

Why does my Epson printer keep jamming paper?

An Epson printer is always helpful as it will help users in multiple ways, such as printing documents, scanning files, photocopying, etc. Certain users are getting issues with Epson printer paper jams, so they cannot use their printers effectively. If any user faces this issue but needs to know its reasons, they must review the details below.

The reasons behind the paper jam in the Epson printer are below.

Inserting paper incorrectly: This is the most common reason why most users face paper jam issues; they must insert the form smoothly, and the paper should be clear and clear.

The paper tray is overloaded: If you insert a lot of papers simultaneously, the tray will not work smoothly, so you must insert the papers as per the limit.

Damaged rollers and mechanic parts: If any part of your printer gets damaged or the rollers are not moving correctly, you can get the paper jam issue.

Paper size: The size of the paper matters the most, and if you use oversized paper or if the paper is in such a shape that it is not set inside the paper holder, you can get paper jam issues.

How do you fix a paper jam on an Epson printer?

If you continuously face a paper jam on the Epson printer and do not have information about the steps, then you can use the process below.

  • Cancel the printing allowance of your printer
  • Further, from the rear paper sheet slot, gently remove the tray
  • Next, you need to remove the cover and clear the stuck papers.
  • After that, you must put the cover again and follow the paper loading instructions.

How do I reset my Epson printer after a paper jam?

If you cannot fix the paper jam issues, you can also reset your printer, as it will stop current printing instructions and clear the received active interface. You must follow the given points to know details about resetting the printer.

  • First, you have to cancel the command to give to the printer.
  • Then you have to remove the paper gently from the output tray
  • Following this, click on the reset button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Last, you have to start your printer again.

How can I contact Epson printer technical team to resolve the issue?

Multiple users face technical glitches while printing any documents. Then, in that case, they can go to the support team to take guidance. The support team members of Epson have detailed information about the printers, ink tanks, projectors, etc. Various options are used to take assistance from an expert, but the finest mode for taking assistance is a call; if they want to communicate on calls, they must dial 1 (800) 463-7766 and then choose the comfortable connecting language. Following this from the IVR options.

How do I forcefully restart my Epson printer?

While forcefully restarting your Epson printer, you can stop all the given commands, and in some cases, it will improve the working, device performance, etc. To forcefully restart your printer, you have to click on the reset button on the control panel and hold that button for at least four seconds. After doing this, your printer will restart and be active to work again.

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