What Causes & Solutions of Dell Laptop Showing Blue Screen Error

Why does my Dell laptop showing a blue screen error?

Sometimes, most users face issues with their Dell laptop blue screen error, which can happen due to some uneven reasons common with video or other installed devices. The issue will be when you haven’t updated your Dell laptop drivers to the latest ones because it is one of the most common instances with all Dell devices.

How can I fix the error of the Blue screen on my Dell laptop?

Generally, while you face the issue of a blue screen on your Dell laptop, then it is for sure that you alternately do receive the fixing options, which are available direct on this page, and you will get guided quite appropriately.

  • You can first try to perform a reset which you can perform by turning off the computer, and it processes it within 10 seconds.
  • Another best option is running out a diagnostic test.
  • It would be best if you also disconnected all the external devices.
  • Try to boot your laptop into safe mode with networking.
  • Next, you run the blue screen troubleshooter on a Dell laptop with the help of using SupportAssist.
  • Further, update BIOS and all the installed drivers.
  • Lastly, you must restore factory default settings to your Dell laptop to get assistance.

Thus, these are a few of the best methods available for Dell Laptop users to fix the issues with a blue screen, which is back-to-back on your device.

How do I run my Dell laptop in safe mode?

If you need to run your Dell laptop under safe mode, you must restart the laptop and then start tapping the four or F4 command direct from your laptop keyboard, and you will be smoothly able to run your device under safe mode without any obstacles.

How do I perform troubleshoot the Blue Screen issue on my Dell laptop?

Thus, to learn the proper troubleshooting steps against the blue screen issue on your Dell laptop, you must seek it conveniently from the below-referred points as you will get immediate assistance for such, even procedures.

  • Firstly, you must select the start button and type the “SupportAssist” option.
  • Then you just need to tap over the application from the search results.
  • Now under the SupportAssist window page, you can smoothly tap over the troubleshooting tab.
  • Here you easily be able to start troubleshooting the laptop
  • Once the procedure gets started, you need to wait for a while, as it might be for 1 hour or so
  • Finally, you complete the troubleshooting procedure, and it will reassemble your device quite correctly.
  • How can I contact Dell customer service to resolve the blue screen error?

If you need to get direct assistance from the Dell support team, then in that particular instance, you can visit the official site page. From there, you not only have access to contact numbers (1-800-425-2067), but you even get the other appropriate methods such as chat icon and request a callback which will help you to receive reasonable assistance over the issues like blue screen errors as they are available 24/7 to give you the assistance for the queries quite properly without any obstacle.

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