How Can I Cancel My Verizon Subscription?

How do I cancel My Verizon subscription?

Verizon has a cancellation policy that permits users to cancel their subscriptions. According to the guidelines, cancelation can be done within 14 days, and you don't have to pay the fee. Moreover, the Verizon subscription cancellation policy states only the account owner has the authority to cancel the services with the company and verify the information that you are the owner by sharing the account PIN or social security number's last four digits.

Can I cancel my Verizon subscription plan online?

No, users can't cancel their Verizon subscription plan online. You need to talk with a live representative to cancel your plan. Visit the website for more information.

How do I cancel my Verizon subscription via call?

Verizon only allows canceling the subscription through phone calls. Hence, dial the customer care number (844) 837-2262. You can connect with an agent from Monday to Friday, 8:00 Am to 5:00 pm ET. And custom services are accessible only during weekdays and business hours. Check the automated IVR instructions to cancel your plan:

  • Press 1 to choose your language.
  • Press 2 to buy the subscription and other services.
  • Press 3 to learn about the latest offers.
  • Press 4 for technical problems.
  • Press 5 to cancel and request a refund.
  • Press * to talk with a live representative.

Once the agent picks up your call, they will ask you for the following details to confirm you are the account holder:

  • The owner's name
  • The account PIN or the last four digits of the social security number
  • The associated phone number

After that, you need to inform why you are unsubscribing the services, so you have to choose the appropriate option to cancel your account:

  • Bad customer service
  • Network/ technical issues
  • Need to receive the promotional offer you thought you were getting.

First, customer agents will try to resolve your issues at their level best. You can cancel if you are still unsatisfied with the plan/ services. A cancelation ticket number will be shared, and you can check the status later to determine whether the cancelation is successful. Visit the website for more latest updates.

How to cancel Verizon subscription via email

As mentioned in the Verizon subscription cancellation policy, you can't cancel the plan via email. The only permitted way to stop the services is through customer services.

How do I manage My Verizon subscriptions?

You can manage your subscription after signing in to your account.

  • On the home page, click the +play tab.
  • Choose Manage your subscriptions and click on View now.
  • Select the Manage tab and choose the billing tab.
  • Click on Manage and then the payment method section.
  • Pick the Change option and follow the on-screen instructions.

In case you have any problems, contact the Verizon customer number. Before that, you can check the Frequently Asked Questions to resolve your issues.

How do I cancel my Verizon subscription without a fee?

You can cancel the service without paying a fee after 14 days once you agree to Verizon Customer Agreement. If your 14 days grace period expires, you will be charged an Early termination fee that would cost you around $ 350. The price is dropped by $15 per month as more time passes.

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