D-Link Customer Service Helpdesk Number and Other Useful Info

How do I Approach D-Link Customer service?

The best way for the passenger to approach D-Link customer service is by making a call. In case the passengers would like to get an insight on; How do I call D-Link customer service?; they can make glance over the details given below for their understanding.

Primary contact mode through call:

Users can visit the official website of D-Link to get information on the various contact methods, more specifically, the calling number with D-Link. The number to place a call, 1 (877) 453-5465, is provided on the network equipment corporate's contact support page for the user's perusal. The agents are available to take up the calls of the user 24*7, which means that they can place a call at any time of the day. The experts are thus available throughout the week.

An alternative method of contact:

Apart from the calling process that a passenger quickly resorts to, alternative modes of communication are available with D-Link. It can be done by filling out the email form or accessing the chat option with the airline.

What is the headquarters address of D-Link?

Even though D-Link has its presence worldwide, it has its headquarters in Taiwan. The full address of the headquarters of D-Link is provided underneath:

D-Link Corporation, No. 289, Xinhu 3rd Road, Neihu District, Taipei 11494, Taiwan.

How do I communicate with D-Link via email?

The passenger can communicate with D-Link through the email form provided on the website. It is pretty simple to submit the form through the website, given the user follows the steps given below:

  • Skim through the official webpage of D-Link.
  • Scan over to find the Support icon at the top end of the main page and tap on it.
  • Scroll across the following page to find the Customer Support tab at the bottom end of the page.
  • The user can find the options to connect to D-Link on the next page displayed.
  • Tap on the email support link from the available options.
  • Fill in all the details as per your requirement and submit the form.
  • The experts will review and get back to the user with a relevant response to the query or the information they seek.

Which daytime is best to call D-Link Customer Service?

Even though D-Link customer service has been made available throughout the day, with all the agents actively available to take up the calls, there can be long waiting times and hold-ups with the airline. There can also be instances when there can be problems with the availability of the agents. To avoid this, the user can place a call during the early morning hours when the call traffic on the lines would be the minimum.

How do I contact D-Link customer service through social media?

D-Link customer service has well-developed social media platforms that passengers can use to connect with them through these pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popular social media apps, the links to which are provided on the official website of D-Link. The user can directly message or post about the issue they want redressal.

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