How do I Install or Setup ESET on Computer?

How do I install ESET on a new computer?

ESET is commonly known as a Slovak Software company. You can get this software worldwide, and also supported for many devices. While using ESET, you can benefit from cyber security, Antivirus, and Parent control at economical costs. Further, if you have bought a new computer and want to get install this software on the device, then pursue reading the subheadings.

Technique to install ESET on a new computer

You can install ESET on your device in distinct ways, and the details about that you can get from the bottom.

With license key

A primary way to get this software on the device is by entering the license key, and the step-by-step guide for that has been laid at the bottom.

  • First, uninstall any preinstalled antivirus software on the computer.
  • Then, you get to download the ESET internet security file.
  • And then, double-click to begin the installation.
  • Now, select your preferred language and click on the continue options.
  • A protection and installation setting appears. Click on the allow and continue icon.
  • Further, sign in to your account or create a new one. You may have to enter an email with the password and choose a country for the new account.
  • When the registration is confirmed, then log in to your account.
  • Further, select your device name and click on the continue options.
  • Afterward, enter the official license key and choose the continue icon.
  • Then, you can review your product details and click on the done icon.

With ESET account

When you are a member of the ESET, you may have to go through a lengthy path for the installation.

  • Firstly, open the ESET application on your device
  • And then, you get to enter the ESET home email and password for logging in.
  • Further, choose the name of your device and click on the continue icon
  • Now, select a license to use for activation and choose continue options
  • On the next tab, you get to check the activation details and click on the done icon.

Without ESET account

When you do not have an account but an ESET application, you can also have this software on your device.

  • Open the application of ESET and click on the sign-in icon.
  • After that, click on the skip login options
  • Now. select use a purchased license key option.
  • And then, type your activation number and click on the continue option
  • Later, check your product's details and click on the done icon.

Hence, you can have the information about the confusion as to how to install eset. If you have anything tough to get, approach customer service for the solutions.

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