How do I Cancel My Roku Subscription?

How do I cancel my subscriptions on Roku?

Roku is the world's leading manufactured company of digital media players. Roku offers streaming media content online. It is manufactured by an American company and has a license for smart TVs. If you are a Roku user and getting problems in streaming OTT platforms, payments fail, or the same type of content is uploaded, and want to cancel subscriptions, then read here to get a detailed guide on it;

Procedure to cancel a subscription on Roku:

If you want to cancel your subscription on Roku, which you purchased from Roku pay, then follow the instructions mentioned. Before canceling your subscription, visit the official website and then log in to your account.

  • After signing in, Select manage subscription.
  • Choose the subscription or channel under active subscription.
  • Click on the cancel subscription.
  • Select the reason to complete the cancellation process.
  • Click the continue button.

How do I stop the Roku auto-renewal subscription?

Sometimes people get busy with their tight schedules, so they want to turn off or stop their auto-renewal subscription since it is not needed for them at that particular time. To turn off the auto-renewal subscription, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the website.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the manage subscription page.
  • Click on the Turn-off auto-renewal subscription.
  • Enter a reason to turn off your subscription.
  • Click on continue to stop your auto-renewal subscription.

You can also turn off your auto-renewal subscription through your Roku streaming device.

  • You have to visit the home on Roku remote.
  • Then highlight the particular channel which you want to cancel.
  • Click star * to open the menu bar.
  • Go to the manage subscription.
  • Select turn off the subscription.
  • Confirm your cancellation.

How can I get a refund on the Roku subscription?

If your account gets charged for some issues, and you want a refund, you can reach out to their customer support team. You can get a refund if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase. To get a refund:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the manage subscription.
  • Cancel your subscription.
  • Select the reason for cancellation.
  • Apply for a refund if it's applicable.
  • Click on the continue button to complete the procedure.

Where do I find my Roku subscriptions?

If you cannot find your Roku subscription or its trial end date, or next billing date, or you want to update your payment method or want to cancel your subscription, then follow these steps to learn how to find a Roku subscription:

  • Log in to your Roku account.
  • Manage your subscription.
  • Click on the history vault to see, edit and update your subscription.
  • If you did not find history, you might have purchased a subscription from another platform.

Can I Contact Roku to cancel my subscription over the phone?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription by phone since Roku provides a customer support team to help you with problems. Suppose you get any query related to your subscription channels, cancellation or renewal pack, or any problem with Roku. In that case, you can dial 8162728106 from your mobile phone to communicate with the customer service team of Roku.

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