Why is my Google Chrome in another language?

Why is Chrome in a different language?

Google Chrome automatically selects a language for you, similar to most web browsers. But the chosen Language doesn't need to always be the right Language for you. in some situations, Chrome can also switch languages without prior information. This happens especially after running updates.

How do I change the Language of Google Chrome?

  • Firstly, Log in to your Google Account.
  • Now go to the left page and click the Personal Information option.
  • Find the "General preferences for the web" tab and click the Language option.
  • Now Search for your preferred Language from the given options and select your desired Language.
  • You can click + to add another language if you can comprehend multiple languages.
  • After completing the changes, could you close your browser and reopen it?

How to use Google automatically added languages?

Google Chrome automatically adds those languages used by you frequently in Google services. It is labeled as Added for you when Chrome adds a language. So the answer to your question about how to change google's Language is explained below. Continue to follow the steps.

  • Firstly, you have to sign in to your Google Account.
  • Navigate the left corner of the page and click Personal info.
  • Now under the "General preferences for the web" option, choose Language.
  • Now select your required Language.
  • To confirm a language automatically added for you, press the Save option.
  • You can choose the Delete option to remove a language that Google chrome had automatically added:
  • Select the Turn off Automatically add languages option to prevent Google from automatically adding languages for you.

What is the default language in Chrome?

The English Language is set as Google Chrome's default language, but many people don't use this Language as a primary language. And to change this situation, users can use the below-mentioned tips to stop the automatic language change process.

  • If The language change didn't work: you should clear your browser's cache and cookies and set the Language again. If your Google Account doesn't match the language, you selected. Also, remember that deleting cookies also withdraws your saved settings for other sites you've visited.

  • If your Language is not listed: we all know that google supports more language products. If your primary language is not listed, then you can choose the available alternate Language. If an alternate language is required, in the Language section of your Google Account, you can find your alternate Language listed underneath your primary Language. You can select it to change the Language.

  • If you are using a mobile device: the changes to your preferred Language are reflected on your web browser only, so to change the preferred Language for mobile apps, you will have to update the language settings on your device.

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