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Xerox printer is a well known brand in the world for decades. You will find it everywhere in all kinds of organisations and in stores where printing is required. If you are also using Xerox printer and you come across some issue with it then you can seek help from Xerox printer customer service team. You will get instant solution when you contact them.

Printer technical support technicians: to get instant help

When you are facing any issue with Xerox printer then you look for instant help otherwise you get stuck with your work. But luckily you can get in touch with our Printer technical support technicians who offer you instant help when you need it the most. You can get in touch with us online, via live chat and you can also call us by phone. You can also ask for remote assistance when you require it and you find it suits your requirement the best.

Issues of during the processing of Xerox printer

When you are using Xerox printer which is one of the best brands in the world then also you do face some issues during the processing of Xerox printer for which you need help. You can face below issues during the processing of Xerox printer:

  1. Xerox printer suddenly stops printing.
  2. Xerox printer starts printing blank pages.
  3. Xerox printer starts printing black pages.
  4. There is log jam in the printer.
  5. Xerox printer is printing quite slowly.
  6. Xerox printer is making noise while printing and so on.

Xerox printer customer service phone number

You can dial our Xerox printer customer service phone number whenever you need help for any kind of issues with your Xerox printer. You can dial our number for 24X7 as our experts are available all the time to give you best support. You can be tensed if you see that there is some issue with your Xerox printer or when you bought it and you want to know how to install Xerox printer, how to set up Xerox printer, how to connect Xerox printer with your device at home or in office and so on. But good thing is that you have our Xerox printer customer service phone number where you get a great guided solution in the quickest time possible.

How to install Xerox printer driver?

You can follow below steps to install Xerox printer driver:

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel on your computer.
  2. After that click on ‘Devices and Printers’. If you don’t see this option then you can search for Printers in the ‘Search Control Panel’ field.
  3. After that select ‘Add a printer’ and then ‘Add a local printer’.
  4. After that select ‘Create a new port’ within ‘Choose a printer port’ window.
  5. After that you need to select ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’ from the ‘Type of Port’ drop down.
  6. After that enter the ‘Hostname or IP address’ of the printer within the ‘Type a printer hostname or IP address’ window.
  7. Make sure that the ‘Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use’ check box is not selected and once you have made sure this then click on Next.
  8. After that select ‘Have Desk’ in the ‘Install the printer driver’ window.
  9. Now you need to browse the location where the Xerox printer driver files were saved. Then select the print driver and then click on Open and then click OK.
  10. Now choose the desired printer from ‘Install the printer driver’ window and select Next.
  11. Now within ‘Type a printer name’ window you can enter your Xerox printer name manually or you can also accept the default that is there if it is Xerox printer. Then select Next to start the printer driver installation process.
  12. Now you can choose to either share the printer or not in the ‘Printer sharing’ window and after that click on Next.
  13. Now select Finish to complete the process.

Now you can see that the Xerox printer is now included in ‘Printers and Faxes’ section in your Control Panel. This is how you successfully installed Xerox printer driver.    

How to install Xerox printer without CD?

You can follow below steps to install Xerox printer without CD:

  1. Go to the official website of Xerox and select ‘Support’ there .After that click ‘Current location’.
  2. Now you can run the Xerox installer from the printer's optional hard disk, if one is installed. For this method it is required that you already have a TCP/IP connection to the printer.
  3. Connect to your printer via PhaserLink.
  4. Next you need to scroll to the bottom of the PhaserLink Status page. In the LINKS group, you need to click Install Drivers.
Xerox printer technical support number

For any technical issue with your Xerox printer you can dial our Xerox printer technical support number and get the solution easily and instantly from technical experts from our team.

Xerox printer support by phone – 1-888-966-7916

You can dial Xerox printer support by phone and for that number is 1-888-966-7916. Dial this number and talk to our experts for issues that you are facing with your Xerox printer.

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