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The Toshiba printers are available in the market from a very long time and provide outstanding services to the users to manage their print related work. It provides outstanding services to the users which makes it convenient for the users to get the record of their work. The Toshiba printers are equipped with multiple features including scanner, Xerox and printer which make it very easy for the users to work on different tasks at a time. The printers are economical and reasonable in rate making it more comfortable for the users to prefer it for their work.

It sometimes happens to the users that they might find difficulty in their work while accessing the printer. It makes it difficult for them to work on their printer causing disturbance to them in their work.

There is a common issue with the users which they might face while working on the printer. They face the issues of during the processing of Toshiba printer which makes it difficult for them in their work. For this issue, users need to follow some of the strict rules which will make it easy for them to overcome the issues and continue their work on it

  • Check with the administrator if some of the functions are disabled
  • Ensure whether the main power indicator is lit up
  • See whether the power light is blinking
  • If auto login fails then temporary change the auto login settings
  • If printout is not coming then check if the tray is out of paper
  • Has the paper misfeed occur then remove it
  • Original size of paper is not selected
  • If paper misfeed then change the paper
  • Check with administrator if the document feeder does not operate

Users need to solve these issues easily whenever they face and start working on the printer to make it easy for them to work. The printer technical support technicians: for online customer service are also available for them which makes it easy for them to continue their work on it and make it easy for them to work.

How to install Toshiba printer driver

The Toshiba printer driver is required to be installed which makes it possible for the users to make it easy for them to access the different facilities of the printer easily. Here are some of the steps to download the Toshiba printer driver and get their work going easily

  • Download the universal driver to your desktop
  • Select the OK option when prompted
  • Double click to open the folder UNI
  • Select the option of setup.exe
  • Double click on the file
  • Choose the run option
  • Select the desired language
  • Click next option on the screen
  • Select a drive from drives on network
  • Click on install button
  • When the installation is completed, uncheck the show the readme file

These steps will help the users to successfully complete the installation process of the printer and allow them to start working on it. Users can call on the Toshiba printer customer service phone number and interact with the experts to find the solution for the issues which they face while working on it.

How to install Toshiba printer without CD?

The installation process of the Toshiba printer is very easy and users can start working on it easily.

  • Place computer and printer next to each other
  • Turn On the computer and wait to boot
  • Turn On the printer
  • Go to the start menu and then to control panel
  • Select printers and hardware box
  • Select add printer
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Toshiba printer technical support number

Users can also call on the Toshiba printer technical support number and discuss their issues. The Toshiba printer support by phone- 1-888-966-7916 is also available for the users.

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