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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client and it offers great convenience to the users. You can create your account and then use Mozilla Thunderbird for email service. When you are using Mozilla Thunderbird then you may come across some issues then you seek Mozilla Thunderbird customer service. You can avail Mozilla Thunderbird customer service any time which means it works for 24X7 and for 365 days for all the users of Mozilla Thunderbird in any part of the globe.

Technical support for Mozilla Thunderbird

Technical support for Mozilla Thunderbird is required when there is a technical glitch with Mozilla Thunderbird. Technical issues can be like Thunderbird is not opening, Thunderbird crashed, Thunderbird is not sending and receiving emails, Thunderbird is not working on a particular version of windows, Thunderbird password is not working, and Data lost issue and so on. For such technical issues you can get technical support for Mozilla Thunderbird.

General services included are

When you expect good services then what is there on the offering for you when you get in touch with Mozilla Thunderbird customer service. Well general services included are as following:

  1. Installation of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Solution for unable to send/receive mails in Thunderbird issue.
  3. When there are error messages in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  4. To change Mozilla Thunderbird password.
  5. When you need to configure or setup Mozilla Thunderbird email.
  6. You need to back Up Mozilla Thunderbird emails.
  7. You need to recover Thunderbird email password.

You get following:

  • Quick service.
  • Service on phone, online or via remote assistance.
  • You get services for 24X7.
  • You get solution for all kinds of issues at one place.
  • You get solution from experts

How to set up New email in Mozilla Thunderbird?

You can set up new email in Mozilla Thunderbird to work seamlessly. If you want to add a new email in Thunderbird l, first you need to enable IMAP on your email account. You can note that IMAP is enabled on new email accounts by default.

After that select File > New > Existing Mail Account. You will see the "Mail Account Setup" dialog. Then you need to provide your account information like real name, email address and password, after that Thunderbird will automatically configure your new email connection. Then click Done, and then sign in with your new email account if you are prompted and that's all you have to do.

How do i change IMAP to POP in Thunderbird?

You can follow below steps to change IMAP to POP in Thunderbird:

  1. First select Tools > Account Settings > Account Actions > Add Mail Account.
  2. Next you need to enter your full name, username and password and click Continue.
  3. Thunderbird tries to configure your account settings automatically using IMAP. You need to click Manual Config when the attempt is in progress.
  4. Next enter or modify your account details as follows: Incoming: Type your incoming mail provider's POP server which woule be usually a."mail.yourmailprovider.com". For example "mail.abc.net".
    b.    Outgoing: Type your outgoing mail provider's server which would be usually "mail.domainname.com" or "smtp.domainname.com".
    c.    Then select "POP" from the drop-down list to the right of the incoming mail server name. You need to do this because if IMAP is selected, you cannot change it to POP later.
    d.    Username: Type your email address.
    e.    Incoming port number: This depends on the email provider.
    f.     Outgoing port number: This also depends on the email provider.
    g.    Incoming security: This depends on the email provider.
    h.    Outgoing security: This depends on the email provider.
  5. Once you have changed these settings, then click Re-test. Check that you get a message which says that a configuration was found at the email provider. If you don’t get a message, then check your settings and test again.
  6. After that click on Done to exit the Mail Account Setup dialog. You can see the Account Settings page to check that your new account has been created. You should also check if our Outgoing Server (SMTP) is correct for this account.
  7. Check that your incoming and outgoing mail is working correctly.

How to recovery Thunderbird email account password?

Are you looking to recover Thunderbird email account password? You can follow below steps for the same:

  1. Open Thunderbird and login first.
  2. Then click on "Tools," then choose "Options."
  3. After that you need to select "Security." Then click the "Passwords" tab and then the "Saved Passwords" button which opens the Saved Passwords window.
  4. Next step is that you need to select the account for which you are looking to change the password. Next click the "Remove" button, followed by the "Close" button.
  5. After that click the "OK" button in the Options window.
  6. Now exit and restart Thunderbird.
  7. Click the "Get Mail" button. You will be asked for password by Thunderbird.
  8. Now you have to enter the new password here. Then check the check box beside "Use Password Manager to remember this password" if you want Thunderbird to save it and automatically enter it each time you log in. Click "OK."
Mozilla Thunderbird technical support number

When you are facing any technical glitch with your Mozilla Thunderbird then you can dial Mozilla Thunderbird technical support number even during the odd hours.

Mozilla Thunderbird customer service number

Likewise for any help or information you can dial Mozilla Thunderbird customer service number which is also available for 24X7 and for 365 days.

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