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The specialties of Shaw Email Customer Service Phone Number

Shaw mail has high compatibility range to a wide range of programs, includes Mac Computer, Apple OS X Mail, Outlook Express 6, Outlook 2010, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail 2011, Windows Mail, Windows XP, Outlook 2007, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Many more reasons are there that inspire you to turn this email client into the primary email client.

Why use Shaw Mail?

  1. 1GB of email storage per email account
  2. Fully featured Spam Filter and Spell Check
  3. Access your email from any computer
  4. Send emails up to 20MB in size
  5. High loading speed

How to create Shaw Email Account?

For a new registration with Shaw Mail, you are first recommended to open the Menu Option in Shaw Email welcome screen. After that, you will need to click on My Profile. Scroll your mouse pointer down. You will gradually reach the Shaw Email & Webspace section. It will bring on Create Email Address on your screen. Your job is to click on it. To get the complete answer of the question, how to create Shaw email account, we request you to enter your first name, last name, and username, in this section. Do not forget that the username should start with a letter (you are not likely to use a number or a symbol). However, the password has to be entered twice. Once you have entered all these information, you are likely to press the submit button.

How to recover Shaw Email Password?

Probably you have forgotten your email account password and you are worried about the loss. It is not a loss, indeed. Get the answer of your question, how to recovery Shaw email password? You can get back your lost account and the process is even easier than a new registration. In order to do that, you are suggested to open your web portal and type manage.shaw.ca. A page will appear which will be asking you to enter your email address. Once you have entered your email, you will need to press the Reset Password icon, which appears just below the pop-up bar.

Shaw Mail troubleshooting checklist (common)

Shaw Email Customer Service gives you a small range of troubleshooting services which are effective against email sending and receiving issues. Every single point of this checklist is examined and highly trusted.

  1. Reload your account if you have an email sending or receiving problem
  2. Check your connection status if you have an email sending or receiving problem
  3. Check your mailbox status if you have an email receiving problem; maybe your mailbox is full
  4. Check your Domain Mail Administrator status if you have an email receiving problem
  5. Check your configuration (email, username, password, & ports) status if you have an email sending or receiving problem

Shaw email customer service

Get in touch with the technical team associated with your service provider if any of these steps are not helping you against your Shaw Email Account Issues. It offers a helpline number that is not only an incredible option but also an innovative option to get rid of any account related problem. However, the helpline number is immediate in assisting the users, by providing the services. Shaw customer service is backed by highly efficient tech support team that is filled with trained engineering professionals.

Shaw email helpline number

Usually considered as universal helpline number, Shaw Email Helpline Number is the key when it comes to the flawless technical support. If you want to avail any of the offered services, you just need to follow this number which will connect you to the specific department. You should also know that the departments are working in a friendly work environment, under the supervision of a management team.

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