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How do I create or reset a CenturyLink email account?

Good news for you as we have come with the troubleshooting methods of three CenturyLink issues. These are generally asked issues. Collected from technical support experts, accurate resolving methods have been presented with these issues. You will also come to know about the pros and cons of these three issues.

How to create a CenturyLink email account?

For creating a CenturyLink account, you first need to open its web portal. After its successful opening, you will have to move towards its top right portion where the Email button is appears in light green color. As per Centurylink Phone Number, your job is to click on this button. Find the Create Account button once the Email button is clicked. It will ask you to enter a username and a password. The password has to be entered twice. Enter all other information that is required. Save all these inputs and explore the first look of your home page. CenturyLink management offers you ten customizable email addresses as additional emails. You are supposed to use or share these email accounts with any of your close relations, whether it is a friend, family member, business partner, or office colleague. The Centurylink Support Phone Number is inviting you to collect enough information about the utilities of these accounts.

How to resolve an attachment problem in CenturyLink?

If you have a problem in viewing an attachment or in opening it, you are invited to go through this section. We would like to ask you a question in this agenda. Are you using appropriate software to open or read the file extension that is attached to your email message? However, the file extension is a set of some characters. A doc extension attachment is likely to be opened with the use of a Microsoft Word or similar software. Keep your computer healthy with PC diagnostic and security scans. Centurylink Toll-Free Phone Number tells you about the existence of attachments that come with harmful viruses. PC diagnostic and security scan software is effective against such attachments.

How to reset a CenturyLink email account?

Open CenturyLink in order to reset a lost account. Once it is open, you are supposed to visit the log in section. The My Account bar will be visible in the same section. Your job is to select it. A new window will open. It will offer you the Forgot Password segment. Once you click it, you will be asked to enter your CenturyLink username. You will also be asked to enter a recovery option. As soon as it is entered, a temporary password will be sent to you. The concerned page has to be entered twice. It has to be saved after the password is entered. Shortly, you will be prompted to make your account login which will allow you to prepare a new password. Centurylink Helpdesk Phone Number requests you to do it effectively. 

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