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British Airways is owned by the United Kingdom and is therefore its flag carrier. It is also the largest airline in the United Kingdom when compared to other airlines in terms of fleet size. However if it is compared in terms of the passengers ferried across to destinations, it comes in second; the first place being claimed by EasyJet. The airlines operates out of its main hub at the London Heathrow Airport located at Waterside, Harmondsworth, England. 

British airways is a culmination and subsequent merging of four companies that is:

• British Overseas Airways Corporation

• British European Airways

• Cambrian Airways

• Northeast Airlines

The four companies were merged together on 31st March 1974. The Company was managed by the state for an extremely long period of 13 years. Thereafter it was privatized in the month of February 1987 due to a plan of privatization that was launched by the Conservative Government. The company, becoming privatized acquired three more companies under its wake. It acquired the British Caledonian in the year 1987, Dan Air in the year 1992 and British Midland International in the year 2012. 

In order to make its services much more easily accessible to a larger number of people, the company launched a set of the British Airways phone number. Each phone number stood out for a different purpose or service. For example, calling on the phone number 0344 493 0787 would connect you to Baggage claims office where you can ask for assistance in locating your baggage. Or if you call 0344 493 0765 would connect you to the representative that handles your enquires regarding group travel bookings. Therefore each British Airways contact number stands out for a different service altogether. 

Next if you wish to make a reservation or a booking in your name, gone are the days when you had to go the counter to purchase a ticket or go online from a computer and make payment to purchase one. Now you can simply call the British Airways reservations number and make the reservation over your cellphone. Its that simple. In addition to the booking, you can also convey all over choices and preferences over the phone. Furthermore the company, in order to facilitate this process and make it much easier for the people to book or cancel their bookings, made the British Airways toll free number. Thus people could call and get in touch regarding their tickets. 

Moreover the process of booking a ticket when the customer calls on the British Airways Booking number is extremely easy. In addition to it, the representative or the booking agent on the other end of the phone would also be at your assistance so that you do not face any kind of difficulty in booking a ticket.

And finally the British Airways cancellation number was also provided by the company. It was launched with the sole purpose of providing ease of access in cases the customer wishes to cancel his or her ticket. The busy work life or every individual does not afford them the time to personally come down to the counter and cancel their ticket or cancel it online. The company recognizing it, launched this number in an effort to reduce the time needed in cancelling a ticket. Now it has become one of the most preferred ways if the customer wishes to cancel a ticket. It is extremely easy, convenient to the customer and can be done from any corner of the world if the ticket needs to be cancelled thus making it more popular and ensuring the company’s rapid rise among the other of its peers.

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