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Bing is online search engine web site. Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft. Bing came up as the amalgamation of many previous Microsoft search engines like MSN search, Windows Live Search and Live Search. Bing offers variety of search services like web, video, image and mapsearch products. You get multiple features with Bing like daily change of background image; video homepage for HTML5 enabled browsers, image page showing the main picture from that day and so on. So when you are using Bing and face any issue with it then you can seek Bing customer service for the instant answer.

How to set Bing as homepage?

Now if you want to make Bing as your home page which means once you open the browser Bing should open by default. To do so you can follow below steps:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Enter https://www.bing.com/set/homepage?PUBL=BINGCOM in the address bar.
  3. Then click on Make Bing my homepage.
  4. It will install defaultpack.exe on your computer.
  5. Run the set up if prompted.
  6. Now Bing is set as your homepage.

If you want to se Bing as search engine on Internet Explorer then you can follow below steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click the gear button on the upper right corner of the header toolbar to see the Tools menu. Now click “Manage add-ons” here, and you will see a window for the add-ons for Internet Explorer.
  • Now click on “Search Providers” under the “Add-on Types” column. You can see the current list of search providers for Internet Explorer on the right column. You may see Bing, Google, and others here.
  • Now you can set Bing to default. For this click “Bing” from the list and click the “Set as default” button on the lower right corner of the window. You will see Bing with the “Default” text under its status.
  • Now click the “Close” button on the lower right corner of the window to exit. Now Bing is your default search engine in Internet Explorer.

How to use the Bing search engine?

You can perform basic search and advanced search actions with Bing. You can open Bing and type the specific keyword related to the information you are looking for. Like if you are looking for any actor image then enter the name of the actor using the images search. After that you press the enter and then you can see images of the actor you typed. Likewise you can search for articles, news, videos, Maps and more by typing keyword in the given field on Bing page.

To perform advanced search you need to click on Advanced from any search result page. You can see Advanced link in the upper right corner of search result screen.  

How to get information on Bing?

To get information on Bing you need to open Bing on your browser if Bing is not your home page. After that you can enter the keyword in the given field there on the screen. If you are looking for normal information then you can choose All which is set by default but if you are looking for images, news, video or map then you need to click on that menu. Now as per your search term entered in the field you will get list of the articles, news, videos and so on. You can click them and get the information on Bing.

Get Bing customer service by phone

Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. Bing came up after Microsoft’s previous search engines like MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. You get variety of search service with Bing including web, video, image and map search products. So, if you have any issue while using Bing then you can get Bing customer service by phone from us.

Bing technical support number

If you are facing any technical problems like Facebook issue with Bing desktop, password reset issue, Windows phone Bing search result issue and so on then you can dial Bing technical support number and get the solution from technical expert right there.

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(425) 882-8080

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24 hour service in 365 days call any time

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