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What Do I Do If Facebook Wont Let Me Login

What Do I Do If Facebook won't Let Me Login?

Would you like to resolve the Facebook issue? Facebook is one of the popular and secure social media platforms which is used by millions of people all across the globe. There are times when the user faces various kinds of issues on Facebook but they can be easily resolved.  In order to fix the issues of Facebook, we have some ways that are mentioned below. 

  • Check if you are still logged in to the account: It sounds very silly, but you must check if there are any active Facebook sessions on your device. For example, if you are unable to log in to the Facebook account on your phone, there must be a chance that there is an active session of Facebook left on your desktop or laptop. This is probably the easiest way to fix the issue as in this you just need to check manually. 

  • Log in to Facebook using account recovery options: If you want to fix the issues of Facebook, you can log in to Facebook with the help of various account recovery options. Go through the below steps in order to fix the issue:

    • Open Facebook and click the Forgotten account? in the top right corner of the screen. 

    • Now, you will be switched to the Find Your Account window.

    • After that, you can do a few different things to identify your account. 

  • Recover a Facebook account with trusted contacts: In order to resolve the issue, you must try recovering a Facebook account with the help of trusted contacts. Go through the below-given steps:

    • On Facebook, tap on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the screen, and open the Settings. 

    • From the menu on the left, select Security and login.

    • Under Recommended, go and find Choose friends to contact if you are locked out, and tap the Edit. 

If you need further help regarding the Can't log in to Facebook Account issue, you need to contact the customer support team for desired and immediate assistance.