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Telstra Email Not Working

Telstra email not working

When any email including Telstra email does not work you cannot access your important emails. You cannot send emails to requisite receivers too. So, you need to fix the issue of Telstra email not working. Depending upon which device you are using your Telstra email, you may need to apply different solution. For simple issues like internet connectivity down, login id or password issue you need to apply those solutions so that your Telstra email starts working.

Telstra email not working on iPhone

When your Telstra email is not working on iPhone then you can follow below steps to fix the issue of Telstra email is not working on your iPhone:

1.       In order to add an email account in iPhone, you need to first select Mail from the iPhone menu, then select Preferences

2.       Now you have to select the + or add icon on the Accounts tab.                

3.       Then input your name, Telstra Mail email address and password and select Sign in.

4.       You will see that the email account set up is successful. Then select Done. If you see that automatic set up fails, then you can select Setup Manually to continue with manual configuration. 

You can follow below steps for manual configuration settings:

Account type: IMAP
Incoming email server: imap.telstra.com
Outgoing (SMTP) email server: smtp.telstra.com
5.       Then Select Continue.

              Incoming Mail Security

Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Ticked
Authentication: Password
              Outgoing Mail Server

Outgoing mail server: smtp.telstra.com
Use Authentication: Ticked
               Outgoing Mail Security

Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Ticked
Authentication: Password
               Account Summary

Take account online: Ticked
6.       Select Create.

Telstra email login not working

You can use webmail to access your Telstra email. With Webmail you can access Telstra calendar and contacts also. In most of the browsers you can view webmail like IE, Mozilla, and Chrome etc. You should also upgrade your webmail to latest version so that you get the best user experience. If there is Telstra email login not working then it might be for several reasons. You might have forgotten your id or password or both. Your browser may not be supporting the webmail. Your device may not support Telstra and so on. You need to fix the issues and then see if Telstra email login starts working.

Telstra email settings iphone

Below are the settings for Telstra email on iPhone:

1.      Open your iPhone’s settings first and then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2.      Now, choose Add Account, then select Other.

3.      Select Add Mail Account in the next step.

4.      Then enter your name, Telstra email address and password (case sensitive) and then select Next.

5.      Next select IMAP as the Incoming Mail Server and enter imap.telstra.com.

6.      Next enter smtp.telstra.com under Outgoing Mail Server.

7.      Select Save. You can check if your update works correctly. You can do this by sending yourself a test email.

8.      After this you can disable or delete your old email account.                  

This is your Telstra email settings on iPhone.

Telstra email settings Android

Below are setting on Android for Telstra email:

1.      Select Apps on android device and then Settings.

2.      Next slect Accounts or Accounts & Sync in the General tab.

3.      Then choose Add Account and after that Email.

4.      Enter your Telstra email address and password (this is case sensitive) and after that select Manual setup.

5.      Select IMAP account now. Enter imap.telstra.com as the IMAP server here.

6.      Now check Incoming port is ‘993’, if yes, then select SSL under Security type. Then select Next.

7.      Then enter smtp.telstra.com as the SMTP server. Next select SSL under security type.

8.      Next check Outgoing port is ‘465’.Then select Outgoing Authentication or Require Sign-In.

9.      You may need to enter your Telstra email address in the username field and your password in the password field.

10.  To adjust the settings, you can do it here else you can select Next.

11.  Put a name for the account and then select Done. Check that your update is working correctly. You can check this by sending yourself a test email.

Once you successfully create your new account you can then disable or delete your old email account.

Telstra email set up support

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