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How do I contact Intuit customer service?

Intuit, an American business company which has its specialization in Financial Software. The company has its headquarters in California, USA. There are various products of Intuit which are serving millions of people across the globe in the domain of Financial Software. Products are like TurboTax, Personal Finance App Mint, QuickBooks, and much more. The giant organization provides incomparable financial services to its valuable customers. But with so much of its services, it is obvious that users can get some issues from its operations & provided service, and in this situation, they are needed to intuit customer service. In this tech article, we will try to find different ways to get through the customer support of Intuit.

Let us see the ways to get through the Intuit customer service:

Via phone:

  • Dial the customer service number 1-800-446-8848. For investor relations, you can dial 1-650-944-3560, and to get help with sale team dial +1 (877) 683 3280.
  • After getting connected, you will get to hear the Automated instructions regarding pressing the menus like Press 1 for Intuit Turbotax services, Press 2 for Quickbooks, and so on.
  • Wait till you get connected to the live representative and as you get connected to your issues.
  • The availability of service remains round the clock.

Via Email:

You can also drop an email query request to the official mail address of the corporation, which is customers@intuit.com.You can write your query in the provided mailbox, and after reviewing your mail, Customer management will definitely get back to you.

Via Social Media Platforms:

You can also get through the Intuit customer service through various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, And others. So either you can message the liver representatives on these platforms or post your query.

Via Support page:

You can also contact the Intuit corporation by going through its official support page. As you get on their official page, you will get to see various options like Contact TurboTax, Contact mint Support, and so on.

As discussed in this article, how to get through intuit customer service in many ways. Users can get quickly in touch with the live representatives in the above-mentioned ways.