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Procedure to setup AOL Email to Outlook

How do I add an AOL Email to Outlook?

Outlook is an application for personal information managers from Microsoft. It consists of functions like calendaring, webmails, and different tasks services to provide their users. It also includes calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing. It is an email client that consumes the services of all the email service providers. Users can connect any of the email accounts with Outlook. They also have queries related to how do i add aol email to outlook. Users have to follow some of the steps to connect with the outlook and make their work easier. 

Steps to Add AOL Email to Outlook- 

  • Open the device in which Outlook is installed. On the outlook application, click on the “file tab.” After that, click on the Add account option.
  • Select the Manual setup or additional server types checkboxes. Select the "POP or IMAP" option from the available options and click on the"Next" button. 
  • Users need to put their full name and the AOL address. On the page under Server Information, select the desired account type. Microsoft always recommends IMAP as it stores users' emails on a server instead of their personal computer.
  • It allows them to access it on their computer. Users need to type the given webmail or domain name in the Incoming Mail Server box. Type another domain name in the Outgoing Mail Server box. 
  • Type the full AOL email account name and password that should be strong enough so that it doesn't get in the hands of hackers, and then click "Next."
  • Click on the "More Settings” option. Under the Outgoing Server tab, select the "My server requires additional authentication" check box. Then, click "Advanced" and type in the Outgoing Mail Port number. Users can leave the Incoming Mail Port as the default selection or select "SSL" for additional encryption.
  • Make sure that the "Test Account Settings" box is checked, and then click "Next." The application will ensure that the user's account functions appropriately and let them know if the information they entered is acceptable.
  • When the AOL email account is connected with Outlook, click on the done button, and start using the outlook application to send emails.

Above mentioned ways can help the users to know how to connect or add their AOL email to Outlook. In these ways, they can add their email and use it for sending emails and managing other tasks. Sometimes, the users are not able to connect their AOL account with the Outlook application, and then they can contact the service team.

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