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my CenturyLink password not working

Let’s have some guidance to fix when CenturyLink password not working

CenturyLink has become the most popular WI-FI internet service across the world. It has discovered the most residential home internet services for customers who need internet service for their homes and offices. If you are looking for the internet WI-FI service with Century Link, you are a pretty lucky person to have high-speed internet, local and long-distance home phone services, TV, and a special bundle at the right time. It is quite a secured WI-FI device and provides guaranteed internet service to its customer daily. It always accepts the correct user name (SSID) and password that you can use to connect your technical device to access internet service at the quickest moment.

Why is my CenturyLink password not working?

If you have observed that you cannot connect with the WI-FI modem despite entering the appropriate user name and password, you are required to check out the connection and resolve this issue soon. At this, if you have found a message that CenturyLink password is not working, you need to make sure that you have changed your password or not. Sometimes, resetting the password turned us into a difficult situation because we generally forget the password. Hence, if CenturyLink password reset is not working, it is essential to enter the complete details of the CenturyLink WI-FI service that you are using with its suitable password that you recover.

Let’s fix the issue quickly:

  • Firstly, ensure that you use the correct wireless security option when asked for your password and enter the valid user name.
  • It is essential to visit the CenturyLink WI-FI websites, where you can check out the URL to access the WI-FI service that you can use to reset and recover the password.
  • If you are using a mobile phone, you can find it quite simple to download the CenturyLink WI-FI app from the app store of your mobile phone easily.
  • Ensure that the modem is plugged in, check out the power cord to find the connection, go to my service to test it.
  • You need to go to the admin page to check out the previous password and go to the modem to check out the IP.
  • Select the troubleshooting option to run, enter the correct user ID and enter the mobile phone number to get a verification code.
  • Enter the new password into the required fields and connect with the CenturyLink WI-FI service at the right time at the end of the process.   

Thus, you can fix if CenturyLink password reset not working with the help of the most manageable steps provided by our specialist quickly. Nevertheless, if you find something wrong and need assistance, contact our tech support team is available to assist your required time significantly.