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Hp Printer not working on mac

If you are using HP printer which is air print enabled for printing from your Mac or iOS device, then simply ensure that the printer is connected to the same wifi network used by the Mac or iOS device.

If still HP printer not working on MAC then, try any of these solutions:

·         Restart your Wi-Fi router and then the HP printer.

·         Bring your printer closer to your Wi-Fi router. 

·         Update your HP printer and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware from the manufacturer.

       Update mac software.   

HP printer not printing properly

If HP printer is not printing properly then try out following options:

1.       Use genuine HP printer ink cartridge.

2.       On the back of printouts check for ink smears.

3.       Use appropriate paper for printing.

4.       Correct the print settings.

HP printer not responding

If HP printer does not respond it becomes an issue. There are some possible reasons why it may happen. There may be jamming of papers, prints coming out faded, there is ghost effect on printouts etc. If HP printer is not responding then you can try following options:

1.       Check out the connection for HP printer.

2.       HP printer power cycle should be complete.

3.       If there are multiple printers then remove them.

4.       Remove current print queue.

5.       Make HP printer complete reset.

6.       Select the correct port.

HP printer not detected

If HP printer is not found during network driver setup then you can try below steps to fix the issue:

1.       First restart your computer, printer and also router.

2.       After that check the network and printer connection status.

3.       Then connect manually HP printer with your network.

4.       Then run HP print and scan doctor.

5.       For a while disable firewall software on the computer.

6.       Now uninstall HP driver and software.

7.       Then reinstall the HP software.

HP printer not printing color

If HP printer is not printing color then it is an issue which you want to fix as quickly as possible. You can fix it as well. For that try following options:

1.       Always use genuine HP ink cartridge.

2.       Check for the estimated ink levels.

3.       If there is any low or empty ink cartridge then replace it.

4.       Clean the ink cartridges.

5.       If there is problem with ink cartridge then identify it.

6.       Check for warrant status of ink cartridge.

7.       Replace the ink cartridge that is creating problem.

8.       Service HP printer.

HP printer not connecting to PC

If HP printer is not connecting to your PC then you can do following steps:

1.       Ensure that HP printer is turned on, has paper installed, and is connected to your computer.

2.       In case you are using a USB cable connection, then make sure the cable is connected to the printer and the computer.

3.       But if using a network cable connection, then ensure a network cable is connected to the printer and your network router or hub.

4.       If using a wireless connection, ensure the wireless light or wireless symbol on the printer is on and it is not blinking. There is a wireless button on HP printer control panel which you need to press to turn on wireless connectivity.

5.       Then download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor on the computer you are looking to print from. With this link, HP Print and Scan Doctor is downloaded using your Internet browser's download capabilities.

6.       If Print and Scan Doctor does not open automatically, you can double-click the HP Print and Scan Doctor icon theer on the desktop.

7.       Now click Start on the Welcome screen.

8.       Select your HP printer, and then click Next.

9.        If the HP printer is still offline after completing all of the steps shown on the screen, close the Print and Scan Doctor window, and then continue to the next step.

10.   Now click on Fix Printing, and then wait until you see the screen gets updated with the new information.

11.   Now review the information visible on the screen and also respond to any action that requires your personal attention.

12.   Then click Test Print to check if the problem got resolved or it still exists.

13.   If you can print the test page, close the Print and Scan Doctor window.

14.   If you cannot print a test page, click No Print, click Continue, and then click Restart Computer to install additional updates.

HP printer not printing after refill

If HP printer is not printing even after a refill you can run any printer head cleaning cycles which is available from your HP printer software and check the quality of your prints.

HP printer not scanning

If HP printer is not scanning then one can try following options:

1.       First check if printing option is also working or not.

2.       If yes then restart the printer and check driver scan settings.

3.       Also check network and printer connection status.

4.       Run printer and scan doctor.

5.       Uninstall and reinstall HP printer software.

6.       Disable firewall software temporarily.