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How To Reset iCloud Password

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iCloud is the default cloud storage position for the Apple users. One can store all the data on iCloud which includes emails, messages, music and other stuff that’s needed to be stored in the cloud. Also, iCloud can be synced across all devices and so, user can have access to all the stored data in iCloud.

Have you lost the Apple ID or password? Apple and iCloud password is same and so by resetting one account password user can access both the accounts. This article will provide steps for iCloud password reset and for advance assistance contact the Apple support team.

Here are the steps to reset iCloud password –

  • Navigate to the Apple ID account page and click on ‘Forgot Apple ID or password’. Use the 2-factor authentication if the user asks to confirm the phone number.
  • Enter the Apple ID and select the option to reset the account password. Click on ‘Continue’ to move forward.
  • Choose any one of the processes to reset the password. Select the option ‘Answer security questions’ and follow the steps. To get email select ‘Get an email’.
  • Once the verification is done user will given access to create new password for the account.
  • Once the password is set click ‘Save’. Now login to the Apple ID and see if the process has worked or not.

Also user can reset the iCloud password from the MAC system. Here are the steps –

  • Open the MAC system and go to Apple menu.
  • Next click on ‘System Preferences’ followed by ‘iCloud’.
  • Now choose ‘Account Details’.
  • Click on ‘Security’ next followed by ‘Reset password’.
  • Now create new password for the iCloud account and save the changes.

Also the Apple ID can be reset using two-step verification. Here are the steps –

  • Open the Apple ID login page and click on ‘Forget Apple ID or password’.
  • Enter the Apple ID and the option for password reset. Click ‘Continue’ to move forward.
  • Next enter the recovery key for two-step verification.
  • Choose the trusted device and enter the verification password.
  • Now create Apple password and select ‘Reset Password’.

Not able to reset the iCloud account password? Dial iCloud password recovery number for the best assistance. Support experts will provide remote assistance for the trouble best suited for the device. Get the job done from the experts who are dealing with these problems regularly.