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How to fix Roblox error code 279

If you face error code 279, which is basically a game server error, you can fix it easily. Though many gamers see the message for disconnected where inbox, you can see error code. Before you move to the fixed part, you should know about the causes behind it. With this, you can find out which one belongs to you. 

Reasons behind Roblox error code 279 

Windows Firewall issue 

If any issue related to the firewall persists, then you can you can both turn this off and check the working of Roblox again. 

Antivirus software or malware issues 

In case you have installed the Antivirus, then it may create some error. They restrict the working of it, so you can check that antivirus software is not working properly. 

Poor internet connection 

When the internet connection is not strong, then you can see that the connection failure of Roblox. You can connect the system to a different network and see it is working or not. 

How to fix Roblox error code 279?

If you think that the above-mentioned reason does not belong to you, then go with the below-mentioned methods. 

Set Chrome as the main browser 

You can use Chrome as the default browser as it is optimized and compatible with Roblox. The major objective of it is that you are getting a trusted browser. Make sure you select the Chrome from choose application. 

Remove all extension 

If you are using the extension more than enough, it may slow down the browser's working. You can remove them or disable a few of them to see Roblox is working or not. 

Perform Port forwarding 

It is one of the best and effective ways to resolve the issue fast. But to do Port forwarding, you need to direct some steps. 

  • Go to the router control panel 
  • Click on the administrative panel 
  • Move to the Port forwarding category and enter the UDP port range 
  • You can see the various option, where you have to select UDP as a protocol 
  • Restart the whole system 

With this method, you can solve Roblox error code 279, but if the problem still persists, then you can get help from the live person of Roblox. Share the issue with them and direct the solution what they suggest to you.