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How to fix MacBook not connecting to WiFi

Why is my Macbook not Connecting to wifi?

There can be a number of reasons behind the MacBook not connecting to wifi issues. First and foremost, you have to make sure Your Mac is within range of the wireless network. There are times due to connectivity issues, You failed to get your MacBook connected to wifi. It would help if you kept checking your wifi connections. To ensure there is adequate connectivity of the wifi, you need to keep on updating your system from time to time.

Steps Through Which your Macbook will be connected through wifi Network: 

  1. Firstly make sure your MacBook is well connected to the and wifi is turned on. Your given wifi MacBook, you can use the wifi status icon in the menu bar to turn wifi on. 
  2.  At times there might be chances your wifi may be out of range. Firstly make sure your MacBook is within range of wireless network. 
  3. The wifi will be available in the Network Preferences.  
  4. First and foremost, on your given Macbook, choose the Apple menu > system preference, then click on network. 
  5. If wifi is not in the list of network connection services, click on the add button. Do Tap on the bottom of the list. Click on the Interface pop-up menu, then choose wifi. Name the wifi service, then click create. 

By simply following the above-written methods, you can easily connect through Macbook, which sometimes faces wifi issues while using its services. It's equally important to keep monitoring your wifi connection from time to time. 

Reason Behind Macbook Not Connecting to wifi:  

  1. Firstly, do check your Router and Modem connection: 
  2. Firstly, make sure rebooting your router and modem is the first thing you should do. When wifi is not in working conditions, do wait for 30 seconds before plugging in back. Once you plug in back, there might be chances of robust wifi connectivity. 
  3. Make sure there is an Internet Outrage in your Area. 
  4. Suppose you don't have a proper internet connection in your Area. Do keep checking your Connection and do get appropriate assistance after some time. 

Reset your Network Settings. 

After trying all the alternatives, you still face any issue or fail to get connected through wifi. While you first log in, your MacBook does remember all your wifi passwords or network. You can easily select wifi located on your left panel and do click on the advanced button. 

  • Which is located or very much visible on the bottom right corner of the window. 
  • Thus the above-written ways will guide the reasons for the MacBook not connecting to wifi are. If your MacBook is not linking to wifi, there might be network settings issues. 

How to fix a Macbook not connecting to wifi?

Firstly do verify and cross-check. The wifi connection is the one you wish to connect to. Then turn your wifi off and on and make sure there you're attempting the proper Connection. 

  • Do check your wireless diagnostic / connectivity. 
  • Check your system updates. 
  • Check your physical hardware. 
  • Change your DNS settings. 
  • Reset NVRAM /PRAM and the SMC . 
  • Then reset your Mac. 
  • Once you reset your Mac, there might be an option of connectivity, and the wifi will start working once you follow all the procedures mentioned above.  

The ways mentioned above will guide you on fixing a MacBook that somehow failed to get connected through and a MacBook not connecting to wifi due to connectivity issues or wrong settings. It would help if you kept your wifi updated from time to time to get proper connectivity issues.