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How to fix AOL mail not working

How to fix AOL mail not working properly on iPhone and Android?

Ever since emails have been introduced in the market it has become the most used and preferred thing in the digital platform. This is known to share compose and save the information keeping a check on all the data. Also, in this digital world where there is a non-stop exchange of data, emails are the best way to share information. Seeing this, there are several email companies to help in the exchange of data. One such email is AOL which is known because of its services and functions. 

And as technology has been developed, emails can also be used as applications. AOL is the one that is known for its email application that can be used on iPhone and Android devices. So, if you are such a user who is facing AOL mail not working issues on iPhone or Android then you need to first know the reasons so that you get the resolutions. Get this issue resolved with us in the following ways. 

Reasons for AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone and Android! 

  1. When both the devices do not have a proper internet connection. Because of which AOL email might be slow or not working. 

  2. When your device gets affected with viruses and spyware making certain applications difficult in working. 

  3. If users are using an older version of the email application then also you can cause AOL email not working. 

  4. Not clearing the cookies and caches from the settings of the email may also cause you this problem. 

  5. Users who do not update their iOS or Android versions can also be the reason for AOL mail not working on iPhone and Android phones. 

There can be many other reasons which can cause AOL mail to not work and create hindrances. To know how to get it resolved, you can try the tips below. 

Resolutions for Fixing AOL Mail Problems on iPhone and Android! 

  1. Start by verifying the internet connection. If you do not have a proper internet connection then contact the network service provider. 

  2. Take the help of any antivirus application to get rid of antivirus from the devices. 

  3. Check the version of the AOL mail application and if not updated then update it to the latest version. 

  4. From the setting of the email or phone, delete all the cookies and caches so that the email gets going. 

  5. Check the Android and iOS versions. If you have not updated the version then update to the latest one. 

  6. You can also try to uninstall and then install the email application. 

  7. Try choosing to recover the email AOL account with the help of any recovery steps. 

There can be many other ways by which users can fix their issue of AOL mail not working on Android or iPhone. And if the issues above did not help you get away with the issue of AOL mail then you are welcomed to contact customer service. 

When AOL Mail is not Working on Windows 10: How to set up AOL on Windows 10?

AOL mail is one of the free webmail service provided to users all around the world. IF you have a windows device and need to set up AOL mail in it then there are certain ways to perform it. Follow the below steps in order to set up on AOL mail on Windows 10. Also keep in mind that you will have to know about AOL's IMAP server settings or POP server settings in order to download email to Windows Mail, as well as the AOL SMTP server settings so that you can easily send mail.

How do I set up AOL Mail on Windows 10?

Below are all the ways by which user can easily set-up in AOL mail on Windows 10

  • The first step is to open Mail then choose the option of Settings (gear icon) at the bottom left side.
  • After that choose the option of Accounts then Add Accounts. Choose an Account box that will pop up.
  • Choose the Other account through the list of options.
  • Enter the AOL Mail email address into the first box then enter out the rest of the page along with the name as well as password for the account.
  • Press on the Sign-in option and click on the Done.
  • Users will be then able to use the menu button located at the top left of Mail to switch between your email accounts in order to access AOL Mail in the Windows 10 Mail.

These were all the ways by which user can easily set up an AOL account, if still there is any other issue in AOL mail not working on windows 10, then dial the customer care number in order to speak with the representatives. They will try to help you in all possible ways or you can even send a mail to the official mail address.

Need Help? Reach Out to AOL Mail Customer Service for Help! 

AOL mail also has a dedicated customer service to help users in need. So, those who are facing the issues shall not panic and get in touch with the experts of AOL any time as they are 24/7 active on the various platforms.