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How to block spam emails on Earthlink email

Block spam emails on Earthlink email

Block spam emails on EarthLink email

EarthLink mail is web based email service and has a huge loyal user base across the world. It offers a very good and user-friendly interface and lot of innovative built in features to its users. We can also use EarthLink email with third party email clients. EarthLink email is very affordable and at the same time secure. However like other email service user may face issue spam emails on EarthLink email. So how to block spam emails on EarthLink email? We can block spam email by blocking the sender email permanently from our email service.

EarthLink offers default option to block any email id or domain that is sending spam email. If you are not aware about the feature, here we will discuss the steps to block spam email. You can follow the steps easily and block any spam email sender.

Steps to block spam emails on EarthLink email

  • Open your browser and log in to EarthLink email account
  • Open EarthLink mailbox
  • Click on the plus sign of SpamBlocker link
  • Now go to the Settings from dropdown
  • Click on the Edit Blocked sender button
  • Now enter the email address or domain you want to block and click on the Block the address or domain
  • Save to complete the process

Earthlink technical support number

The EarthLink email users may encounter with different technical issues every now and then. To have trouble free EarthLink email service, they need reliable and professional technical support. Therefore we bring our third party and leading EarthLink technical support number to provide best technical solution to EarthLink email users from all over the world. You can get 360-degree technical solution under one roof just by dialing our helpline number from anywhere.

Solution offered by EarthLink technical support number

  • Setting up and configuration of EarthLink email account
  • Sign in issue with EarthLink email
  • Sending and Receiving email error
  • Password reset and recovery solution
  • Import and export data and contacts
  • Mail attachment issue with EarthLink
  • SMTP/POP server settings and error
  • Spam email and online threat solution
  • Other common technical email errors with EarthLink

We provide 24/7 and round the clock support to our clients for any technical problem they face. Our certified and experienced team members are capable to tackle all kind of email issue in time bound manner.  Therefore we assure you 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction at very reasonable service charge every time you call us.If you want to know more about our services or seek technical help from our experts, call the EarthLink technical support number now.