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how to block spam emails in outlook

How to Block Spam Emails in your Outlook Account?

Are you also tired of all the spam emails that keep pouring in the inbox occupying most of the space? And if you use the outlook platform to manage your emails then you might be dealing with a lot of fraudulent emails. But this is completely okay to get spam and repetitive emails in the inbox. There are great hacks with which you can easily shut the spam emails coming from unknown sources.

Steps to remove the spam emails from outlook:

  • To block the unwanted spam mails, first of all, log in to your Outlook account and then go to your spam inbox. Now shortlist all the senders whose spam mails you think are not required. Once you have chosen all the emails, now select them and block the sender directly. If the email had come from an unknown source, you would easily be able to block the user.
  • Secondly, if the spam emails are then forwarded messages coming in bulk from all types of unknown sources then first of all go to the settings section. And now go to the toolbar and select the option of junk in the outlook and at last select the link of the block. With this, all the messages for the ads and promotions will be blocked completely from your account.
  • Next at last tap on okay and all the selected messages will be permanently deleted from your account and you would be done.
  • Or From the menu select Junk > Block (or Spam > Block)

Alternative ways to avoid junk emails:

Try not to sign up for any offer using your outlook account or else once you sign up, you would continue getting the junk emails.

  • Once in a while keep clearing all the unnecessary emails from your account so that you can make space for the new and important emails.
  • If by chance these spam mails get a virus in your account then you can even block the user and you would be done.
  • Unsubscribe and remove your account from all types of notifications and newsletters that are not wanted.

And hence with this, users can easily block spam emails in outlook. For more details, contact the customer service team of Outlook.