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How to add a guest to my Marriott reservation

You may forget to add the person to your reservation with Marriott. In some cases, a person later wants to add someone else to the existing booking. However, in this case, the person reruns the reservation process or runs a separate process. It is time-consuming and may affect the price or budget too. 

Marriott comes with solutions to add the person to your booking without going through the different processes. Below you can read about the process and learn how to do it. 

Steps To Add Guest In Marriott Reservation 

There are specific steps that to direct:

  • First, visit the official website of the Marriott
  • Next, click on the reservations. 
  • Here you have mentioned the details like name and id with which you have made the reservation. 
  • Now, you can access the booking both new and old one. For accessing each one, you can put the reference number and then check the details.
  • Next, click on the "edit" option. Here you can make changes to your reservation. 
  • Add the person's first name and last name; it should be the one who is new to the reservation. 
  • There will be some more information that you have to mention about the person. Then, you have to fill them and click on the submit. 

In this way, you can add the person in Marriott reservations though you can make the payment online like credit and debit. You can go with the support person and add the person to your reservation that may induce some charges during any issue.