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How do I talk to a human at PayPal

How to speak to a live person at PayPal support?

PayPal is a spectacular service permitting every user to employ online financial transactions. Indeed, it has excellent service but, some of its users require assistance from its customer support. Use that to obtain the required assistance to use the services of PayPal in the best method. You can perform that through the usage of the official contact methods given below.

Call PayPal support:

You can also opt for the method to call PayPal support and talk to its support directly on your call. You can obtain further information by connecting with its support team and talking with its expert. Accomplish this task with the usage of the following process.

  • Call PayPal by dialing 1 (888) 221-1161 and connect directly with its customer support team.
  • Now, obtain the significant IVR options and follow every guideline to connect with its support.
  • Next, choose a language in which you require assistance from the PayPal support live person.
  • Press 1, and you can effectively connect with its customer support team to obtain the necessary assistance.
  • Talk with its expert and provide with all details about the problem you encounter to obtain a solution.

Choose the resolutions center:

A user can also choose a resolution center to gain help from PayPal support by sending instant messages. You can connect directly with its support team and obtain help regarding online transactions. In addition, you can also report any problem with your account through this method.

Ask the PayPal community:

PayPal community also provides assistance to you when you require any help from it. You can connect with thousands of other users who will provide an excellent answer to you. This platform can be used to resolve General issues you encounter while using the services of PayPal.

Thus, you can easily connect with PayPal support using its customer service team and obtain the necessary help. However, those who are unable to get in touch with PayPal can choose to gain help from its support only. But, the most helpful method is the use of the official phone number to contact its live person.