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How can I lock my account profile on Facebook

How to lock Facebook Account Profile?

You might have seen it many times that you visited someone's Facebook profile, and you could not see anything in the profile of that person. Of course, you can try to click photos, videos, or any other information of that individual's profile. But it doesn't show anything. Even the profile picture of that person would not open. That kind of security is available when you lock your Facebook profile. 
Just follow the below-mentioned steps to lock your profile easily. 

Steps to lock your Facebook profile:

  • Open the Facebook application on your phone. 
  • Click on the top right button of "Menu" and scroll down to the button. You'll see an option of "Help and Support." 
  • Now select "Help Center." 
  • Click on the search option, and write "Lock my profile."
  • After the search is over, you'll see an option of "Lock your Profile." Select it. 
  • Now you'll see an option of "Lock your profile." Click on that option. 
  • That is it. You have now locked your profile. Your profile is completely safe from strangers.

When so much cybercrime is happening in today's world, you should be careful about who is looking at your profile. You trust those who are on your friend list; that is why you have added them. So to avoid any stranger from having any access to your profile, using the profile lock option is the safest one. I hope the steps as mentioned earlier have sorted out your query.